Careers in Fitness?

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Nowadays people don’t take fitness seriously because there isn’t any career. Career can be generated in the field of fitness.
As a fitness trainer many jobs are available. At gyms and private fitness center they usually require trainers to guide them.
While doing events and seminar related to fitness there theses fitness trainers could be used. While camps they can be useful.
Not just in India also outside India. Many countries are requiring large amount of fitness trainers and they are ready to pay large amount for it.
If you keen on health and fitness and enjoy meeting different people, this job can be ideal for you. To become a fitness trainer, you could complete a recognized qualification before starting work, or you could start as an assistant instructor and complete on the job training.

For a fitness instructor, you will need to be outgoing and friendly. You’ll also need to motivate and inspire people. As a fitness instructor, you would lead and organize group and individual exercise programs to help people to improve their health and fitness.
Your work could involve a range of activities or you could specialize in a particular one. These could include keeping fit, aquacise (training in water), weight training, yoga, Pilates.

Basically a fitness trainer jobs include the following things: Fitness assessments, consultations and introduction sessions for new clients, demonstrating activities for clients to follow, supervising clients to make sure that they are exercising safely and effectively.

To become a fitness instructor you can either complete a nationally recognized qualification through a college or a private training provider before starting work, or start as an assistant with a sports center or gym and complete work based traing to qualify.