Blog by-Sagar Arora

A lot of great things happened in the fitness industry in 2017 and one of them is the rise in the number of personal trainers which was a conclusion of the improving economy. There is no doubt that the competition in the fitness industry will continue to rise with the improving economy. There is a notion that fitness careers are not well paid in India. Well, your mind is about to be blown. The income in the fitness industry is limited by you only. If you are new in the fitness industry then you should start working on your self-esteem, self-image, and confidence. If you don’t invest in your personal growth and self-development and become the person you are meant to be and reach your fullest potential, your income will never reach its fullest potential.

Fitness is a way of life and people who are really passionate about it will always take out time from their busy schedule for it. People leave their jobs for the love for fitness and join the fitness industry. The prospects in the fitness industry back then were limited because the resources were limited. In India, there are specialized courses which a person can join. They are taught about anatomy, exercise physiology and biochemistry. Having a degree or certification from a recognized institute will help you at all levels of your fitness career. And today in India, there is no shortage of well-recognized institutes that help you get certifications.

Although, getting a certification is just the beginning. You have to work your way out to the top. What I mean here is that there is not a single predetermined path which guarantees success in the fitness industry. The quickly you understand this; the better it will be for you. Sometimes you have to take the unconventional path which could be scenic and sometimes you can be successful the easy way.

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The Indian economy is booming which basically means that people have money to spare. The avenue people prefer to spend their money the most is health and fitness. The trajectory is gradual, but eventually, you will find peace in what you are doing. The path to a successful fitness career in India is as follows:

  • START YOUR COACHING REGIME RIGHT AWAY: Firstly get yourself in shape and help someone get in shape. You can do this without a degree or a gym.
  • EARN CERTIFICATION: While you are helping someone get in shape, you can use the rest of your time to study and get a certification or degree.
  • GAIN HOLISTIC KNOWLEDGE: Mere certification is not enough. You have to dive deep into nutrition education and movement education. Having more knowledge than others in the field always works in your favor.
  • COACH PEOPLE: The next thing you should do is coach people. This is the stage where you build self-worth, self-image, and confidence.
  • BUSINESS IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY: This is a big step. Here we are talking about taking your fitness career to the next level where you own and run a gym, fitness studio or whatever. You can always look up to the greats in the field about what it takes to be successful in the industry.
  • DEVELOPMENT THROUGHOUT THE CAREER: You apply your knowledge of nutrition, movement, and training throughout your life and in doing so, you improve and evolve at what you do.