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Article By: Abhishek Pandit

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

calorie counter

Calorie Counter is the application owned by MyFitnessPal.

Myfitnesspal is a website and smartphone app that tracks people diet and exercise by determining their caloric intake and nutrients they are consuming as per user’s goals. By scanning barcodes of various food items or users can add manually in the database which have over 5 million different foods already.

You can connect with your device likes fitbit and garmin so users can synchronize their health date for easier mobility. My Fitnesspal already rated best for free best program which includes calorie awareness, maintenance and food variety.

Myfitnesspal’s authors are Albert lee and Mike lee. On 4th Feb 2015, Myfitnesspal was acquired and purchased by athletic apparel maker, for $475 million. At that time they had like 80 million users. Then on 4th May 2015, they introduced premium subscription feature which according Mike Lee is “ the premium service will allow subscribers to make custom reports to dig deeper into the density of nutrients of food and then customization will be done as per the measurements.

So far this application is best for your fitness routine and its free as well just download it and measure your health on daily basis. It is a pure tracker application for your health and everyone wants to be fit then whynot get things early as much as possible. Fight with unhealthy life and win over it this is what the trend is in the world. Specially for Asian people this application is pure workout partner or trainer which will keep reminding for things as well.

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This application is all about diet. Here you get many sections of guidance to tone up, stay healthy or starting new diet for your fitness.

App includes:

  1. Tracking food is fast and easy: In this you will see diets and various recipes.
  2. Reach your Goals: By setting your goals the app will try to change your habits.
  3. Log Your Exercise and steps: Now in this you will record log of your progress.
  4. Get Support and Motivation: By joining community you will get many motivational tips.
  5. Celebrate your Success: You can share your progress or you can say it can be a feedback section as well.

Even if you workout daily then all depends on your intakes as diet. Your Diet should be according to plan to get exact fit life. And calorie counter is best for your daily needs.

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