Business in Sports and Fitness in India

Sports and Fitness wasn’t prevalent in India back in the day; People were unaware of this industry, business and benefits in this particular field. Moving on to today’s scenario of Sports and Fitness in India, we can say that it has evolved greatly and for the good. This industry is the one which provides a lot of opportunity.

Talking about various aspects of fitness, we can see that there are a number of professional careers that can be made in this field. People can have a professional career as an athlete, they can set up their own gym, take franchise of another famous gym brand, be involved in it as trainers-aerobics, personal, etc. and become a dietician or sports nutritionist too.

Taking on each of these topics on by one, we get to know that there are great career opportunities. First, we take as an athlete. No career provides success without hard-work and determination. Same is the case with this industry, one has to put in time, effort, dedication and tons of hard-work to be successful as an athlete. Moreover, one has to put in a lot of money for personalized training from a good fitness trainer, diet from a good dietician and to spend money on diet and supplements. To add to this, one has to be focused and leave all the crap and unhealthy yet tasty food, though cheat meals are possible but eating junk on a daily basis won’t make one a good athlete. Being an athlete, one has to be in shape all the year round and not only for competitions if one wants some sponsors to aid in the process.  The sole source of income as a fitness athlete is from sponsorships, promotions of supplement brand and modeling. This is difficult but on the other hand, if done right, gives a fruitful result too!

Second career option is to open a gym or take franchise of another famous gym brand. One can take this one as a business option too. This can yield a lot of profit as gyms are a necessity now-a-days and more and more people are getting indulged in fitness industry. Taking a franchise is a much better option as compared to opening a gym by oneself; this is because one has to just put in investment and pay the rental charge plus some amount of profit but the major profit amount goes to the owner. The gym’s maintenance is taken care of by the supplier of the franchise himself. So, to see it is an all profit business with meager risk of failure. The franchises are famous themselves so one doesn’t need to promote it too.

Third career option is as a fitness coach or fitness trainer. Since the scenario of fitness is changing in India, numerous new athletes and gyms are arising, with them are arising the opportunities as a fitness coach. Now, by fitness coach, we can divide the coach into the following categories-Personal trainer, Physiotherapists, Zumba trainers, Yoga trainer, MMA trainer and aerobics trainer. Since, the career options are increasing, the demand for ‘professional’ trainers is also increasing. Indian athletes require a proper well-trained trainer in order to perform well in competitions and earn a pro card too; India has started giving away pro-cards. So, to prepare athletes for the world level championships, one requires a well-trained trainer who knows the real science behind the exercises, their affects and avoid ‘bro-science’. Thus, if a trainer gets an certification from a well-known authority, he/she has a great opportunity to be a part of some great international gym chain and train a professional athlete. Moreover, the amount paid to these certified for personalized training is pretty great too. People who are quite serious towards fitness understand the benefit of being trained by a certified trainer and are opting more for personalized training. Now, coming to the categories of fitness trainers, the personal trainers are more focused on strength training and cardio, the aerobics trainers are more focused on aerobics, yoga trainers on yoga, MMA trainers on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and body weight trainings and the Zumba trainers on Zumba. All of them have equal opportunities but get to train different athletes; ranging from physique competitor, a weight lifter, body builder to an athlete who is into running, triple jump, marathons, etc. On the other hand, the physiotherapists are the ones who offer various therapies, exercises and stretching to relax the muscle and the body. Now, coming to the certifications, there are a few certifications that are offered in India- the American Council on Exercise (ACE), BFY (Better Fitness for you) Sports and Fitness, National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM), The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American Fitness Professional and Associates (AFPA), National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA).

The fourth career option is of a dietician. One should be a certified dietician. This field is very flexible as one gets ample amount of opportunities in this particular field. A person who is a trained dietician can design diet for an athlete, a bodybuilder, a weight lifter, a patient suffering from loose stomach or other diseases, etc. The list never ends. Though construction of a diet plan is a lesser paid option as compared to the other options but is the most flexible on too. One gets to work for various people, almost everyone and is considered a professional too.

The fifth career option is that of a Sports Nutritionist. This is the most interesting one; one can gain a certification in this field. This field relates to all the supplementation part and the drugs parts. A professional athlete pours in a number of drugs in his body, this is a revealed truth and one has to gain knowledge to do so or make others do it, so this is the course for that case. One can give supplementation and drug suggestion, usage and cycles in which order they are to be taken and when; this field is high paying as one can get dealerships of supplements and drugs to and sell them along with the supplement planning.

So, this was all about the business in Sports and Fitness. To cut short the words, there is end number of opportunities in this field and the field is constantly growing. So, it would be a great investment option.