Brand Advertising through Sports and Fitness


Advertising is a form of widespread one to all kind of communication in the field of business and marketing which allows an individual or a firm to advertise their respective products on a global platform. While one can advertise the products of their choices, it becomes quite necessary that the products and their advertisements fit into certain government standards which are firmly based on certain rules and regulations. Now when an advertisement is done in such a way that, it creates a unique, respectable and trustworthy image for itself, in the consumer’s market place, that’s when it is called “brand advertising”.  Advertisement can be done for anything without caring about its long lasting effect on the public’s mind, but in case of ‘brand advertisement’, its sole focus is to gain the faith of its customers in them so that their product can sustain its name in the market for a long time.

How does brand advertising contribute in the business of sports and fitness?

Well this is but obvious that with a proper brand advertising of a product, its name gets established in the marketing field. It builds up a strong long term relationship between the seller and the buyer. And when it comes to sports and fitness, brand advertisement seem like a very strong key element, for the business to make a rapid growth in the market place.  Brand advertisement helps a lot in building up the business of sports and fitness as it increases an overall demand of a brand for many years to come. The business of sports and fitness involves dealing with the selling and buying of various sports and fitness products like – football, basketball, sport shoes, sport clothes, gym clothes, cricket bats, helmets and other thousands of products. Now with a field like that, where an individual’s hopes lies on the products that they are going to use while playing their respective sports, it is very necessary, for that individual to have trust in that product because in the end, a major part of their victory or failure lies entirely on that sports product that they will be using of a particular brand. So it becomes very important in the business of sports and fitness to manufacture products of good quality.  This will help them to gain the trust of their customers. And this is the first and the most important step for the effective brand advertising.

Strategies for brand advertising

As much as it is important to gain the trust of their customers so as to build up a strong base for brand advertisement, it is equally important to set up a smart strategy for the business of sports and fitness to grow.  This strategy should be planned in such a way that it forms a strong chain of dedicated customers who are always driven towards that one particular brand.  This brand should be their ‘go to place’ to buy all things they need in terms of sports and fitness.  Also there should be a wave of that brand spreading all over the social media because it is the biggest and the cheapest means of flow of communication.

Approaching the customers in the right way

It is a demographically observed fact that most people are driven towards things that their idols do. These idols are mostly bollywood celebrities, famous sports stars, or the newly on trend- the bloggers and instagram/facebook celebrities. Thus to attract the customers, easiest way is to approach their idols for the brand promotions. On one hand where these celebrities and famous sports stars are paid heavily to promote a particular brand, the bloggers and other social media celebrities are paid a decent amount of money to advertise one’s brand. The only difference is the number of fan following. The celebrities’ group is able to connect to a much larger number of people than the social media stars but the effect is one and the same. Both the groups have an emotional connect with their followers and are able to influence them. But for the business of sports and fitness, the most appropriate way for brand advertising would be to approach the people who are in the sports field. As they carry a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, they also make sure that they promote only those brands which do not compromise with the quality of the product. This in turn brings a lot of customers to a particular brand.

Connecting with people

Once the brands have accomplished the task of approaching and bringing in the customers, it becomes important for these brands to connect with them. This helps in making these customers stay with the brand and bring in a lot more other customers as well. And to make the customers stay true to the brand, they should focus on manufacturing quality contents with affordable prices, as a quality product can do wonders to a person associated with sports and fitness.  Another way to stay connected with their customers is to launch several campaigns which focus on mankind and social justice. There already have been several campaigns launched by big brands, coming from the business of sports and fitness which focuses on women empowerment and gender equality. This is a very smart yet appreciable move to develop an emotional connect with their people.


Benefits of brand advertising in the business of sports and fitness

It is quite obvious from the fact that brand advertising of a product adds ten times more value to it than it was ever before! There are multiple benefits of brand advertising. It brings in dedicated customers who stay in touch with the brand once they are satisfied with the quality, it helps in establishing the business for the long run and it also gives a tough competition to other big brands which have been in this race for a long time. Thus brand advertising is an important aspect in the business of sports and fitness industry.