Bipasha Basu

“Love yourself”-Bipasha Basu.

Blog by-Pooja Seth

When there is a talk of bollywood and fitness ,her name is the top most name on the list.She has achieved so much by putting her heart and soul in working for her body.People all around the world know her equally for her fitness and her acting.

Bipasha Basu is a former model and one of the most fitness enthusiast among the lot.She has always laid stress on having a fit and toned body. She is known for her sheer dedication and discipline and always takes her trainer with her even when out on a shoot.She has done remarkable in the field of fitness and has launched many workout dvds.
Fitness has always played an important role in her life.She follows a very strict diet shedule and believes in having a balanced diet.
Her diet includes

Early morning: Drinks a glass of water with lime, followed by having some almonds soaked overnight, and then a cup of tea.
Breakfast: She likes to have a big breakfast comprising six egg whites, toast, mushroom, porridge made from skimmed milk, and a fair amount of fruits.
Lunch: Her lunch is dal, green salad, vegetables, grilled fish or chicken, and two soy chapattis.
Dinner: Vegetables prepared in olive oil, green salad, grilled fish or chicken, and a small amount of dessert to satisfy her sweet tooth.
She likes to bring variety to her regime and does not like it to be a monotous one.She is also very fond of Yoga and does 108 of Surya Namaskar every day. Her regular workout program lasts for 2 hours, and it includes a combination of cardio and Yoga.
she tries to mix up a lot of modern exercise techniques and devise a workout regime that is geared towards her goal.
She is an ardent follower of discipline and believes it is the key factor in achieving anything,even when she is out for shoots,she never gives excuses.