BFY Workshop for Fitness Kick Boxing

Want to learn the trending kick boxing? It does not only teach you how to correctly kick and punch but also keeps you fit. Feel the adrenal rush in your body by joining the two day BFY workshop for fitness kick boxing.

Have some questions? Continue reading to clear them:

What is the course type?

  • It is a skill and application based course. Theory will be minimal.

What will you learn from it?

  • To correctly throw kicks, punches etc. such as jab hook, kicks, bob + weave etc.
  • To have practice for perfect execution of these techniques.
  • To keep the training effective enough for improvement of stamina & flexibility.
  • To apply kickboxing moves into workout sessions.
  • To create secure moves to prevent injuries.
  • To teach motivational techniques to the clients and enhance their experience.

What will the two-day course include?

  • A manual to guide you
  • Twelve hours of learning & practicing on both the days
  • A post-learning evaluation
  • On request: extra practice & expert recommended kick-boxing kit

What are the benefits?

  • Learning fitness technique
  • Improved stamina & flexibility
  • Lifetime valid certificate on attending the full workshop

Click on the link below to register for the workshop: