BFY student Yogaraj Panchatcharam

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Yogaraj Panchatcharam was always the person to be inclined towards fitness. He follows the manta ” you like it, you do it! “. He wanted to stay fit and loves to workout and that’s why he got into this field. He has been focusing on his fitness and health since a very long time and now pressures his career in it. He says he loves his field and more than that he loves his workout. He is a person with a few words and wants his actions to speak louder than any words! And that’s why he trains very hard and is very passionate about it! He did his ACE / PT certification from BFY sports and came to know it by advertisements on the online media platform. After doing the certification he now works privately.
He is very boosted about his future and has a very optimistic outlook on life. He owns his own fitness center and lounge “Radiant fitness lounge” and plans to enhance his business further.
His earning is approximately 20 to 30 thousand per month but says he is happy with what he is doing. After training at BFY sports and getting his certifications done he feels very confident about his future and is very satisfied after doing is his certification from BFY sports. He says that before doing the course he was earning approx 10 thousand per month but after doing the certification his income has multiplied twice and approximately three times which boosts him up for the upcoming stages of life.
His future plans include opening up his own gym and expanding his business to earn more profits and so that he could pursue his passion and help others do too!!
He advises the young people and new comers in the fitness industry is to follow their passion because passion is what takes them further in life and help them to grow. If a person follows his passion he is happy forever without any complaints.