BFY student : Vinod Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Mr. Vinod Kumar was very interested and involved in fitness from a very early age. He said that he is very interested in muscle training and got his inspiration for fitness from his school sports activities. He says that everything in life works through proportionality. If a person is fit he can achieve anything in his life. If a person’s life works on proper proportions he can lead a happy life, similarly if a person is healthy he will be happy where as if he is unhealthy, sadness comes through. He had always been an amazing athlete in school and played a lot of sports which helped him to get the idea of being fit and make a career out of it.
He was searching for certifications courses online, then he came across his friends who told him about BFY sports and fitness. He says that he doesn’t trust online courses and prefers the classroom ones. For him what can be learnt in a class room can’t be done in the same way by using online courses. When he did his research about BFY sports he was very impressed and then decided to join the course from there ! He did the course of ACSM / PT from BFY sports and fitness institute and had an excellent time there.
He currently works at a fitness lounge named Max Fitness and earns approximately 20-30 thousand rupees per month. His earnings increased after doing the course and he says that he learnt a lot from there. Initially he said that he knew a little bit about body and health sciences but after doing the certification, he knows a lot about nutrition and food diet. He has learnt about what kind of workout is suitable for the body and what nutrition and diet they should intake.
He is now looking for other courses to enhance his skills and does not have any further future plans for the time being. He is following the mantra of Go with the Flow wants to see what life has in store for him. He wants to tell the newcomers that one should know each and everything about one’s body and should be careful while taking any food diet. He wants they should be able to learn fully and abstain from using medicine. Also they should always explain their clients about the same and suggest correctly for them to know what is right and what is wrong for their health.