BFY student : Sumit Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Being a sportsman in school, Mr. Sumit Kumar pursued his career in the same field of being fit. He is a very good player and has played hokey and badminton on National and State levels. He holds the degree of B.Sc in Physical Education where he learnt about the Human Body and Anatomy, and all the other things which were not taught in school. He says that in school we never focused on fitness and played all day without eating anything which is wrong. Fitness comes first for a person and one should always tend to stay fit while doing his graduation he came to know about the certifications and why is it necessary to do the required certifications if one needs to pursue his career in it. He wanted to do ACE certification and hence BFY Sports is affiliated by ACE so that is why he went for BFY Sports and fitness. He came to know about BFY Sports through his friend and did his ACE / PT certification from there.
He is currently training South Indian Celebs and works as their fitness trainer. His income is approximately 1.5 lakh per month. He says that the course was very beneficial. According to him doing just certification is not enough, like one has to grasp his knowledge from everywhere and consistently try to improve one self. One also has to be always keep training and keep in touch with the physiotherapy and see their doctors on time. Regular checkups should be done to check about the body. His main motive is to stay fit and he never loses his training.
His dream is to very famous for his training methods and also that every actor should know his name in the fitness and he is also thinking of entering the modeling line. He wants to enhance his training and represent his country in modeling. He wants to advice the new comers by saying that fitness is growing very fast and it is the best time to make good money and also grow a good career in it. He believes that whatever you do, you should be best in it. He feels that in today’s time trainers are just working as salesmen for a gym and they do not concentrate on the fitness of the people. He says that experience and knowledge are both useful and one should complete his qualifications first before entering into training world.