BFY student : Sarvana Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Mr. Sravana Kumar always had his interest in fitness. He was into the fitness feeaks from school and was into the athletics team. What started like a hobby for him in school , he has now chosen it as his profession. He says that he got into this profession because he wanted to be very active as a person. He never wanted to do the job everyone does and hence he found himself a career in which he could pursue his hobby and make a career out of it. He says that he was searching for an online course so that he could learn more and excel in his field. He was searching for a course but none could match his expectations and then he found BFY sports which was ACE certified. And then he started training there. He did his certification of BFY / PT at BFY sports and fitness.
He is currently working at Rich India gym and earns approximately 18-20 thousand rupees per month and he says that he is very grateful for learning his course at BFY because after this certification he is able to earn much more than before. He is currently working as a fitness trainer and plans to do more courses in future to learn more and so that he could strive for a better future. He says that his plans for future include getting more certifications and experiences so that he could perform best. Also he says that he wants to become a better fitness trainer so that he can train well and be able to help as others too.
He wants to give advice to the newcomers that want to enter this fitness industry that forst of all they should learn and train properly, they should be eager to learn and be ready to help others too. They should know each and everything about body building and how the body works. They should also abstain from using any artificial methods of bodybuilding which will harm them in future.