BFY student : Ranjith Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Ranjith Kumar is the person who belongs to the category of people who find their passion in fitness. A person always inclined towards health and fitness and striving to look forward to make new progress in this field is Mr. Ranjith Kumar. He is basically a body builder and loves doing his job. He told that he was always impressed as to how a fit body and a healthier lifestyle leads to live a happy life! He was very fascinated by his body builder friends and started doing the same himself. He says that it’s always fun to do what you love because then your work doesn’t feel like a burden but you start enjoying it.
He came to know about BFY sports through his friends and said that he joined BFY because of it’s excellent reputation and also because it is ACE approved. The experience he had there was a great one because of the trained people teaching there and which proved to be a very good point for his future and career. He says that after doing the course he feels very confident about his plans and also has gained so much knowledge from there. He did the course in physical training and certification was BFY/ PT
He works as a freelancer and does freelance training. Actually now he has become a professional preparation coach for training and strength and is very happy doing his job. He earns approximately 80 k to 1 lakh rupees per month and says that he is happy that he joined BFY because his income increased after doing the course from there. He plans to become an international preparation coach. He wants to take part in different contests on an international level and as contest preparation coach.
His advice for the new comers in the fitness industry is that they should first know about their own self. They should know what their limits are and how eager they are to push those limits. He feels that steadiness is very important for fitness. Also he feels that everyone should be updated about what new techniques and what new ideas are being introduced into the market. He feels that fitness industry is growing bigger day by day and the are less number of certified trainers. So he says that one should do a lot of certifications so that they could help them in long run.