BFY student : Ranjith Gomez

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Ranjith Gomez belongs to the kind of people who love to stay fit even while working. What started as a hobby for Ranjith is one of his passions now. Fitness started for Ranjith as a distraction from his daily work schedule, he used to stay busy at work and needed a go to place where his mind could rest and focus on himself, and then came fitness as his rescue. Fitness first became a distraction, then a hobby and now his passion! While surfing online he came through the advertisement for BFY sports and was suddenly interested in joining the course. He did his physical training certification from BFY sports named b BFY / PT . Having a great experience there he said BFY sports is a fun and great experience. When asked about his time at BFY sports he said that he attained a lot of information and the whole experience turned out to be very helpful. There was so much to gather and process which helps in every way.
He is currently working as an employee in an engineering company. Being a part of a different background he never stops working out and gives proper time for training. He told us that he devotes his attention to his body and never stops exercising. He loves to stay fit which is reflected in his talks. When he was asked about his future plans he said that he was not sure about that but the one thing he was sure about was not leaving training. He said the main aim for now is to stay fit and never deprive body of proper nutrition.
He said that he wanted to give some advice to the new ones entering the fitness course. Je said that fitness requires a lot of patience. ” Everybody wants their goals to be reached in 10 days or say immediately but that doesn’t happen in real life! You can’t get fit in a month but you constantly need to work hard for that. Everything takes it own time and everything happens at his own pace “.