BFY student : Ram Kumar Gopal

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Ram Kumar Gopal is the person who has the mantra of staying fit. He has always been very enthusiastic about fitness. Fitness was his passion and he worked very hard to achieve his goals. He chose it as his career so that he can enjoy his work and so that he could never complain about the thing he is doing and can make it better day by day. He is already running a gym and he is very happy with what he is pursuing. He says that he came to know about BFY sports and fitness through his friend who have also done their courses from there. He says that he was very impressed by the reviews and hence joined the same place so that he could do his certification. And when he did his certification from there he said that the experience was very nice and happy. The trainers were always reluctant to clear any doubts and were very helpful.
He opened his gym only after doing his courses and certification from BFY sports. He always wanted to be the best and that’s why he first gathered all the information and only then tried to experiment with it. He earns approximately 80 thousand rupees per month and says that he is very satisfied with what he has been taught and what he is doing. His future plans include doing some more courses and certifications so that he could establish new things and plans on opening other gyms too.
For newcomers he advices that first of all fitness is a very essential part of life and no one should forget about it. If a person is fit and healthy only then he can work for a better life. We should maintain ourselves so that we are in a position that we could help others maintain themselves. Also if we are fit we can protect our own self and protect others too.