BFY STUDENT : Mr. Rajiv Kumar Joshi

Blog by : Kirti Bhardwaj

In this period of rodent race there are a not very many individuals who pick a profession they cherish
and not due to any weight of others. Mr. Rajiv Kumar Joshi is one of those individuals who picked his
enthusiasm as his profession . He had dependably been a sportsman in school and wanted to remain fit
and that is the reason he picked wellness as his vocation choice. He says that he enjoys his calling as a
sportsman and says that it had dependably been his obsession to seek after his vocation in this field as it
were. He came to think about BFY games and wellness through web based publicizing and pick BFY
sports since it exceptionally prominent for its administrations and affirmations. He had an awesome
ordeal and was exceptionally awed with the sort of administrations they give there! He said that there
was extremely well preparing and exceptionally well practicals and he said that the mentors were
exceptionally experienced and devoted. As indicated by him not all coaches are devoted towards
instructing but rather here he had an extraordinary time.

At the present time he is filling in as an independent fitness coach and prepares distinctive individuals.
He says that he cherishes his activity and he adores to prepare . His income shift contingent upon the
work as he is a consultant and for the most part his profit fall between 40 – 65 thousand rupees for every
month. He is happy with what he wins. He is extremely cheerful and says that his profit expanded
especially subsequent to doing his accreditation from BFY games and wellness.

At the point when gotten some information about his feasible arrangements he said that presently he
isn't anticipating some other business in light of the fact that now of time has an a ton of work in his
grasp. He says that he has completed a considerable measure of responsibilities throughout everyday
life and is first attempting to get them going and needs to finish them before taking some other work.
He says that he has a tight calendar and does nt have any extra time for different things. He needs to
accomplish more affirmations and acquire encounter with the goal that he could be a decent coach thus
that thus he could procure great measure of cash! As indicated by him, progressively the individual in
prepared and encountered the more he can acquire and succeed.

He needs to counsel the youthful and new applicants entering this wellness industry is that they ought
to have careful and reasonable information. They should know how to manage customers and t give
them the best guidance.