BFY student : Lokesh Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

When you have a role model in front of you, your life goals become quite easy. Same goes with the case of Mr. Lokesh. He has the family in which all of his brothers are in the line of fitness and getting inspired from from them, Lokesh also tight about giving fitness a try. After being motivated and inspired from his brothers, fitness also became a passion for him! He feels like fitness is the only one which is made for him! He is very passionate about his health that he never misses a single day of training and helps others to train too.
The reason he joined BFY sports and fitness is because it was the only fitness academy with such high quality experts. He did the course of BFY / PT from there and learnt a lot. He came to know about human anatomy and physiology. All in all his expectations were high which got fulfilled by the great experience from there. He said that the training sessions were very good and the trainers were very hard working and very helpful.
He is currently working as a fitness trainer at Rich India health Studio and trains people there . He also motivates people to stay fit and help them continue their strength training. The amount of money which he is earning at this point of time is 45 thousand rupees per month. He is very happy that his income increased after doing the certification from BFY sports and plans to do more certifications from there to increase his knowledge. His future plans include opening up his own gym, where he could be able to do something new and present dome modifications.
According to him the new comers should first of learn what actually out body is. What is the anatomy and physiology of our bodies are and what can we do to help maintain our physique. He says that newcomers should know about the health and diet . There should be more certifications and one should learn properly and give proper advise to the clients. He is also against the synthetic medicines and wants others to prevent them too.