BFY student : Kavi Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Mr. Kavi Kumar was always a keen observer and an excellent athlete from a very young age. Fitness for him has been his own interest from childhood. Having a great experience from childhood he decided to carry it forward as his career option. He then studied and started his research about what can we do to stay fitness and achieve fitness. He came to know about BFY sports while surfing through Google. He saw an online advertisement and then explored about BFY sports and fitness. After doing the course from BFY he says that he is very happy and satisfied that he chose BFY sports for doing his certification. He says that though he has done many certifications from different places but he found BFY sports and fitness to be the best because the trainers were so good and they helped the people to do better. He did his BFY PT certification from there. He was very happy about the environment there and says that they work very hard to keep up with the students.
He is currently working with Ice Park Fitness Studio as a fitness manager. He earns around 28 thousand rupees per month while working full time there. He also works as a part time freelance trainer as a part of his part time job. This earns him about 15 thousand rupees per month. This accounts for a total income of about 45 thousand rupees per month. He is very happy that he trained from BFY sports and plans to do more certifications from there in near future. He also plans of working hard and earning more money so that he could open his own gym one day.
He says one has to learn more and be pro active all the time. Learning should be from all perspectives like mentally, theoretically and practically. Once one learns to work from all prospective he can achieve anything in life.