BFY student : Kalai Vanan

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Kalai Vanan had always been inclined towards sports and fitness. He started his journey very early like when he was in school. He was always a sports person and wanted to maintain his physique. The journey which started from the school has been continuing since! He said that he got inspired from his friends and always trained with them. He was motivated by how fitness can prove to be wonderful for one’s body and what are the benefits it provides in the long run. He came to know about BFY sports about his friends and did his certification from there. He did the course of BFY / PT and was happy doing his certification from there. He said that he had a great experience. He said that there were great trainers and plans to come there for future courses. He says that fitness is not an option but a necessity for a person to sustain a happy life . If a person is fit he can attain anything in this world.
He is currently working as an executive in Accenture and says that he never drops his routine! He loves to train and never stops exercising. He has made his passion a great deal in his life. He has this main motive in life to stay focused and train hard. He dreams of opening up his own gym and is working to collect the funds for the same. He says that he is now working hard to achieve his dreams and is very confident about having his own gym one day.
He wants to advice new comers by saying that one should never stop! If some one has a dream he should focus on achieving them and never stop working for them. He says that if one day your dream comes true it will always give you utmost happiness and you will never get tired of doing your work.