BFY Student-Inspirational Anuradha Kaushik

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

As we all know in India there are lots of fitness issues. When you ask outsiders or you can say foreigners about how you rate India in fitness they clearly say we rarely see fit people in India. Being healthy is different thing and being unfit is different thing. People should learn the difference in this. Your Diet is your workout. Whatever you do in GYM is just 20% and the remaining 80% is your DIET. Not everyone have the courage to help everyone out.

Our today’s Article is on the basis above written context. The BFY’s ex-student who wants to aware people about wellness and staying healthy.

Review by: Anuradha Kaushik

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Batch No.: 9

Why Choose BFY?

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As we all know BFY having various Centres all over the country and with well trained and educated faculty everyone just wants to join BFY. Many students have already started to join big competitions which will boost the career of students. On asking about why she choose BFY she said “Because of the various centres all over the country, educated and esteemed faculty, following Ace curriculum.” BFY is the platform where you want to get every knowledge about human body but only some able to follow and who follows they reach the big heights as well.

What are your advises for others?

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When you  really want to achieve your goal you go to chase them from many ways the real way you find when you get the real knowledge about it not just that knowledge which everyone knows. When we asked about advice of Anuradha for join BFY is “Start following regular health routines and then look for corrections, either working out with certified trainer or doing certification on your own” She clearly says become a certified trainer or work under a certified trainer because a certified trainer will guide you more than any other common trainer. For faculty she says ” Wanna say a big thanks to Dr. Rohit to create real interest in human anatomy and training in personal for better and injury free results”

What are your Future Plans?

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Some dream of themselves and some dream for everyone. Ms. Anuradha Kaushik is one of the example of it. When we asked about her future plans her inspiring answer was “I want to spread awareness for wellness and help special population for a healthy and happy living”. Her dreams are inspirational because she wants help everyone and world need these type of human who are kind hearted and ready to help everyone as much as possible.

What advice you will give to others to enter this industry?

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The rule of teaching is always first get well knowledge about that thing then teach others cause teaching is the real job of guidance and discipline the guidance you provide to others will help them in staying dedicated. Anuradha says “Learn and then teach someone, providing a safe and injury free workout should be the priority, results can wait but misleading is not advisable.” A teacher is mentor and inspiration who you can’t forget at any time of life.

BFY wish good luck to Anuradha for her future.

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