BFY Student-Importance of fitness by Naved

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

Fitness is trending as we all knows. Especially in Asian countries it has wide scope but outside Asia most of the countries comes in fitness top ranks. Many of fitness enthusiast wants to go abroad to achieve their goals without any delays and we all know everyone wants to live healthy life. So for going outside everything needs your focus and your way of thinking. Some think we want to go abroad then we will start real thing but they don’t know you are thinking about abroad is already a part of dream as well you just focusing on your mid goal or dream. Many of BFY students already working in abroad but we will talk about the ones who dream of.

Review By: Naved

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Why Choose BFY?

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As we all knows BFY is oldest in India. And oldest means more the reviews, more the expectations but we gladly like to say we didn’t disappoint our students. Most of them joins BFY cause they trust BFY and this is for what BFY is known for the last 18 years. When we asked Naved for why choosing BFY he says “BFY is the most old school of fitness which offers best variety of fitness courses”. Thanks for Mr. Goeanka for helping the fitness lovers.

What are your advises for others?

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BFY is known for his Teaching. Our faculties are mentored by many students already and it is a Proud for a teacher when a student calls them as mentor or respects their teaching. Dr. Rohit is already mentored by many students. When teachers are appreciated and given the good reviews that just don’t boost the Academy it boosts the Teacher’s teaching level as well. A teacher start thinking deeply for their students in helping them. Advises given by Naved to Join BFY are “Join bfy because it has the Best method of teaching” thanks Naved for appreciation.

Future Plans?

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As mentioned earlier in blog. Everyone wants to go abroad some can’t go cause they are stopped by many of the reason of the life but whoever really wants to then no one can stop them. Future plans told by Naved “Looking for the job in abroad.” Now whether he wants to be in a fitness field or not but the learning from BFY will stay with him lifetime.

Advice Naved will give to others to enter this industry?

Naved says “Fitness industry is the best industry for the career growth.” Well as we know fitness is trending and it is a fair advice by Naved. Get fit and work for everyone is what makes you big not just for yourself. Respect is earned by not hiding infact respect is earned by giving the lessons to others. Growing career in fitness is never the bad idea it takes time but worth it as well.

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