BFY Student-Importance of Certification by Jugal Kishore

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

When you want become something in a field. You want to be good in that field but no one is perfect so we can’t say perfect in fitness field. People trust you now days when you are specialist in your field or you have lots of experience. In fitness, when you are certified people will come to you for many things but if you don’t have certification many educated people will regret joining with you. Cause a certified means a trust, he makes sure right things are taken and given to the people. Today we will talk about a ex-student of BFY who respect the certification in fitness is important a lot.

Review By: Jugal Kishore

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Batch No.: 5

Why Choose BFY?

Many people ignores the certification in fitness which they later on feels a mistake by them however for certification you need 18+ age but it doesn’t mean you will join for certification after completing. Certification is all about your knowledge which can be used at higher level as well which may be bigger than your dream like becoming an international team’s trainer. When we asked Jugal about choosing BFY his fair answer was getting certification “There was no reason to choose the BFY. Someone told me about the BFY certification so i have joined”. BFY is oldest in India and they have big responsibility to make sure everyone getting certified well.

Advises for others?

Because BFY is old many people trust on BFY. When faculty is good everyone prefers referring to their friends and relatives as well. Same thing happens in BFY after just some batches we started getting many references as well. When we asked Jugal about his advises to join BFY he said “I advised my friend to complete their certification from BFY because it’s very trusted and genuine university”. When you are old people trust you as well and that is when the real risk you bear the margin of error become small.

Future Plans?

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Everyone knows ACE (American Council on Exercise) is the international university for fitness studies and guidance . No wonder Jugal wants to join ACE as well after completing here. Get certified from BFY then join ACE. At least you will be prepared for the exam. “I will complete my ace certificate from the Delhi Centre.” Told by Jugal to BFY. In life you are always learning. No wonder Jugal wants as well. And want to Increase his level of learning as well.

What advice you will give to others to enter this industry?

Like we mentioned earlier in fitness getting certified is important or you can say must. It will open many ways for you. “Complete certification if you want to be in fitness industry.” Statement by Jugal Kishore is real life thing as well. Get better in your field and you can reach many heights.

Good luck Mr. Jugal Kishore for future.

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