BFY Student-Dream Chaser Varun Chouhan

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

What is the difference between dream and mission? Dream is which is the last thing or you can say if we get it we will not need anything else after getting that and Mission is after achieving that you try to go for bigger goals as well. When you enter in sports or you can take any field with optimistic approach you achieve your goals not just with the completing the process you can achieve what you want. When you dream you have to think what will be the actual process but the real thing is your sacrifices and focus which will get you to your dream. Today we will talk about an Ex-student of BFY who have a dream too.

Review By: Varun Chouhan

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Batch No.: 5

Why Choose BFY?

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In today’s generation friends are the one who we ask about reviews about anything take example of mobile, school, colleges etc. and why-not friends means they will give good advice or good review about something for their friends. Same thing happens when you get certified from BFY our every student refers their friends or relatives to join us and reference means they are happy with our work. When we asked Varun Chouhan why he joined BFY he replied “Through a friend reference I got to know about BFY.” And he is quite happy with the work of BFY and he is thriving towards his goals.

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Advises for others?

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Many joins the various academies but there are some who join for their future goals. Some likes to study and some want that study to be part of life. Here in BFY people learn everyday new things which they don’t know in real life as well. Out faculty is like mentor for many students. On asking why people should join BFY Varun said “My advice is to must join BFY for your better future”. Your advices are what you have got from the academy and then you advice others as well. We are happy Varun liked our work.


Future Plans?

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When you enter fitness industry after looking at discipline and dedication of people you want to become like them or you want get better than others. Every fitness loving guy want to open a GYM but opening a gym is not what you want making it one of the best is what everyone dream of. There are many GYMs and Fitness Centre but the one who survives is the one who is having best result. Everything need discipline and fitness is about discipline if you want your goal. After asking about future plans of Varun Chouhan he said “I would like to open one of the best GYM” now his answer is already saying best means he want run his GYM all over world.

BFY Wishes good luck for the future of Varun Chouhan.


What advice you will give to others to enter this industry?

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Varun says “For new comers my advises are to join BFY cause you will get to know about many things which every human don’t know.” And his statement is true certification is the thing which will inform you the most about yourself.

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