BFY STUDENT : Dheeran Rajan

Blog by : Kirti Bhardwaj

Dheeran Rajan, a person trying to break the monotonous rules of life got into fitness because he wanted to exercise and didn’t like the pattern of 9-5 jobs. As a person he wants to be active and so he wanted to do a job where he could be active and healthy at the same time, that’s why he opted fitness as his career option. Dheeran pursued his hobby as his career and said that now there’s no pressure of career life, he feels it as his hobby and enjoys it.

He chose BFY sports because he was searching for amazing fitness courses online and none could match his expectations except for BFY. He managed to get in touch through phone calls and then joined the organisation. Having a great experience there, he loved all the techniques he learnt there.

He now owns his studio and didn’t reveal his income, but he said that his income increased because of the certification and is very happy doing that.

He wants to do exercise scientist course in Canada and wants to become an exercise scientist. Also, he wants to set up his research center in India to help young athletes to come forward and make it as a new career option. When asked about what advice he would give to the newcomers, he said that the newcomers should be eager to learn. He said that they should read for one hour and exercise for one hour, so that after 3 years they will be leaders in their own field. He says that when newcomers start seeing money come in their hands, they stop learning and run after making money which won’t help them in the long run. For him they should be learning always to succeed in life.