BFY Student- Deepak Duhan Future Fitness Expert

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

As well all knows BFY is one of the most known and one of the finest or you can say best fitness Academy in India. Since 1999 they are helping in promotion of the sports, fitness and health industry.

They have experts team which already conducted various leading international programs, workshop and courses. BFY offering latest and world class programs to enable the students to be  fitness professionals around the world.

BFY already serving in the country’s 116 cities and also working with 273 GYMs. Their Headquarter is in Mumbai. The founder and CEO of BFY is Mr. Rajeev Goenka and Technical Director is Dr. Ruchira Tendolkar.

In North India, COO is Dr. Rohit Bahuguna who is already like the mentor of the students. Many students consider Rohit sir as a mentor.

Review by Deepak Duhan:

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Batch no.: 7

Why Deepak Duhan Choose BFY?

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Because of good reputation already in the India and in fitness Mr. Deepak considered BFY is good academy and as we mentioned above he likes the method of Dr. Rohit’s teaching. He says “Dr. Rohit’s Teaching Method is best”. When student is happy with the teacher what else needed.

Advises for other?

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Deepak Duhan an ex-student of BFY if you want to be in fitness then you must get certified and he says you must join BFY to get certified which will help in your future as well.

Future Plans?

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Once you entered in the fitness line everyone dreams of becoming the best and having fame all over the world same goes for Mr. Deepak Duhan as well. He says “My future plan is to become good fitness expert”. Once you become expert then no one can stop you as well then you talent will speak for you.

Advises to others to enter in fitness industry.

For fitness ex-student advises to join BFY if you want great results. For your best future you need to get certified after that the real journey starts for a fitness expert as well. Deepak says “Join the BFY academy if you want best result”. Since Deepak is chasing his dream joining then he has to complete the process as well. Don’t miss any step and don’t take short cut as well, short cuts are taken by those who are not ready to show up and they can’t motivate everyone. Real warrior is who can motivate anyone and the journey of dream teaches you a lot as well and in between journey you learn everything then those stories works as motivation for everyone.

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BFY provides training for Personal Trainers and courses in Sports nutrition and Diet in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon.

BFY also provides Placements Services in India.