BFY student-Dedicated Aman

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

When you go to the gym first day what do you think or dream of? Everyone wants to become something big in short period of time but the real thing is shortcuts are for loser. If you want to be successful ,your dedication and patience will work for you, not the cheating modes which will later make you pay for them.

Today we will be talking about the guy and an ex-student of BFY who’s dedication for his dream will give real example to many. He also dreamed for something big before entering to the fitness world , but he never lost his concentration.

Review by: Aman

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Why Choose BFY?

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We all knows daily innovations are done in every field, some got fame and some got failed. BFY is always ready with new innovations as well the faculties are well trained that they can guide about new innovations as well if you ask them. Most of the people join BFY to learn new and different things. For same reason Mr. Aman joined BFY. On asking why he choose BFY he replied “I choose BFY because it is different from others and to experience new things” now as you see reviews can’t lie and BFY always ready to provide knowledge to real hard workers.

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What are your advises for others?

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Many people gives advice some just do in fun way and some really motivate. A dedicated guy will never make fun and will motivate you in joining the best. When we asked for advice to Aman ,he said “I advise other to join BFY for new experienced learning and exciting things for growing”. BFY provides valuable knowledge so you can bridge the gap between your dreams.

Future Plans?

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When you are dedicated, everyone will look at you and they will surely think for what thing this guy/girl up to. Same context goes for Mr. Aman, his hard work to achieve his goal can be seen in the image as well. When we asked about his future plan he said “I want to become GYM trainer and want to open my own gym”. This is the fair answer because everyone who enters any field he first think about becoming that, then he plans for big. We wish good luck to Aman.

Advises by Aman to enter in fitness industry

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Whenever you get success first people think is how he got it and who is his mentor or teacher. And there is always a teacher for someone who motivates and teach him to become successful in life. Same things are said by Aman“Every candidate wants that our teacher will be frank and understands us Dr. Rohit sir teach us better than others.” A teacher should be friendly and he should understand everything, he should be able to read mind of his students and our Dr. Rohit is capable of doing that well. For best faculty join BFY.

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