BFY student : Booshan

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Booshan, a student of BFY sports and fitness was very enthusiastic about sports and fitness from a very tender age. He had been an excellent athlete in school sports and continued the same in his graduation as well. Fitness has become a part of his routine and never skips even a day. He believes that fitness is not a choice but a part of lifestyle and the way one person lives and sustains his life. If a person who is fit, he can develop a happy life around him and he will enjoy what he does.
He joined BFY sports because it is the only institute that is running smoothly and has excellent reviews. BFY sports and fitness offers new courses to keep up with the coming competition. The training atmosphere is very good and the people are very helpful. He did the ACE / PT course from there and which proved to be very helpful in his development.
He is a freelancer and works as a freelance personal trainer. He is currently earning more than 40 thousand rupees per month and is very satisfied with the work he is doing. His wages increased after the certification from BFY sports. He is also a body builder and was able yo achieve this stage only by the help of BFY sports.
He dreams of opening his own gym and is saving money for that. He is very confident that he will be able to open his gym within a short span of time i.e. within a few months. He believes that work is worship and does all his chores following the same motto. He never stops training and learning because he feels that the more you learn , the better you become and once you learn something, it never goes into vain.
He wants the people who are new to this field or planning to enter this field that they should learn and train properly. He feels like the trainers are not good these days so that the new ones which are entering should do more and more courses and workshops. They should have more certifications which will prove to be very good for their future.