BFY Student-Fitness enthusiastic Shilpi Mohan

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

Who doesn’t want to become famous? Who doesn’t want to become something in the world which people will remember for long time? Who don’t want his/her passion becomes their life? Who don’t want to run one of the best businesses which will impact on world as well?

Everyone want things to go right? Today we will be talking about the Ex-student of BFY who joined the BFY Sports & Fitness Academy to get the exact guidance which will help her in future goals. She joined BFY for the certification or you can say to study full fitness lessons about how things work in human body.

Review by: Shilpi Mohan

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Batch no: 3

Why Choose BFY?

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As we all know BFY is one of the best and fast growing Fitness Academy. All over India BFY is spreading month by month. Already many students have joined and got certified by BFY. People already started referring their friends and relatives for BFY certification. Same thing happened with Shilpi Mohan, she was referred by her friend and she had joined the BFY. Shilpi says on choosing “I heard about BFY from a friend and compared with other courses. I found the curriculum to be the best. It covered wide range of topics.” She clearly says do not miss anything otherwise you will miss goal as well.

Advises for others to join BFY?

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Shilpi Mohan said “BFY is by far best available in India. All who are opting for it,Please attend all the classes. Faculty is excellent”. BFY is already having best faculties with the likes of Dr. Rohit who is already the mentor for many students.

What are your Future Plans?

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As we mentioned above, everyone dreams of big or dream means big. Ms. Shilpi Mohan has big plans as well. She wants to educate every women about fitness and want to start her own business. Passion is always the goal for your dreams but for passion you have to sacrifice many things which everyone can’t afford. On asking about her future plans Shilpi Replied “I am a fitness trainer taking many batches. Educating ladies about fitness.Want to get into corporate.” As you see she is already on the way to achieve her goals and she already joining many competitions as well. Latest she had joined “Strongwoman of India” competition.

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(Email and Mobile no. are hidden as per privacy)

Currently Shilpi Mohan is working with Femmefitness. All part of her journey to achieve the goal and Shilpi’s hard work is  paying off. One of the first trainer to join femme fitness with Sunita Fernandez – now a team of 6-7 trainers- multiple batches. Femmefitness is one stop shop where everything is for women.

What advice you will give to others to enter this industry?

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As well all know Fitness is trending in India. Everyone nowadays wants get fit. Young generation is thinking about this trending platform which will boost their career and fitness level as well. On asking about advices she will give to others to enter this Industry Shilpi said “This is an upcoming profession. The world is getting aware about fitness.  There is a wide scope especially women in India are getting aware about strength training. People want educated fitness trainers.”

We wish Shilpi Mohan Good luck for her future.

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