Best Pinterest pages to follow for health

Blog by-Pooja Seth

Pinterest is an amazing site to explore so many new stuff and things. And it is loaded with numerous wellness pages. You all know how important is wellness so we want only the best for you,  we share with you 10 Pinterest pages on wellness that you would not like to miss.



This page on Pinterest provides home workouts for women and also give nutrition and lifestyle advice. It was very easy to do exercises for women and is a visual treat to the eyes. You can find amazing food ideas here and find healthy alternatives to your junk snacks. It is worth following.

2.Healthy Holistic Living

HHL is one of the world’s largest online communities that provides the most valuable and accurate information for people with a passion for holistic living.It has interesting tips and tricks for health and fitness. It has a new breath of air towards it which makes it very lively.

3. Eat smarter

As the name suggests, it will help you eat smarter! It has a bunch of healthy alternatives, it will leave you craving for more!

4.Beauty Epic-

Beauty Epic is the Beauty Network that sets a new level and honesty in beauty info. This page will gift your home remedies for beauty, tips and useful insights for health. You can also find a bunch of workouts here. This page aims to work on all the aspects of the beauty and truly justifies its name.

5. Fit Bottomed Girl-

Fit Bottomed Girls is all about keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk with a lot of self-love. This page for every girl that lacks the motivation. Follow this page to get help in all your fitness queries.


It is your healthiest relationship. They obsessively cover the wellness scene-boutique fitness studios, juice, hotspots and natural beauty products. From how to make pumpkin-turmeric soup to common mistakes in yoga, they have got everything covered.yYou will find home remedies for problems and is one of those pages which you should definately keep handy.

7.Inspiring Female Fitness

They inspire women to transform their bodies and unlock their confidence. This woman this page is your best friend. Find tons of motivation that can you can embed every day. They are loaded with exercises for every body part. Ladies, you can’t miss out on this page.

8.The minds Journal-

It is just a platform that discusses random thoughts. Wellness is not just about the body. Mental wellness is equally important. This page shares beautiful random thoughts that will give you strength and fill you with gratitude every day.

9.Skinny Ms

Healthy recipes, meal planning, weight loss, fitness and health tips for your healthy lifestyle. Find your own motivation and stay fit for a lifetime. The page is full of tasty and healthy recipes which one would never think of. Get some fresh and delicious recipes here and at the same time. Be healthy!

10.GymShark-Only wanting to go the gym is not enough, right? You need to have some motivation on our lousy days. Then this page is for you, get up with some powerful quotes and be the best you.