Best apps for fitness and health

Blog by-Pooja Seth

We all want a fit and a toned body but hitting the gym is not possible for everybody. The strict and hectic schedule of everyday life makes it very difficult to maintain a daily routine of exercise. Some people who still think to do exercise at home put those thoughts aside because they do not know the right exercise for their target areas and do not have the insight of various exercises. But, thanks to technology, some apps have got us covered.

Wondering which apps to choose for your personal regime? Don’t worry, we have done the homework for you!

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(These apps are listed on the basis of ranks)

Take a look at 10 best health mobile apps which will help you to remain fit and healthy.

10 best mobile apps for health

1.NTC (Nike Training Camp):

NTC is one of the best health apps you can find, it offers a variety of workouts and you can browse them by different categories such as

1.muscle groups workout type

3.workout collections

4.Athlete workout

5.No-equipment workout

6.Short workouts

It has a variety of workout collection and leaves the user with so many workout choices for every target area. It also has an option to generate your plan based on your requirements and availability. The user can also be part of clubs and take part in different Nike events. The app has quality workouts and provides a good quality workout. It has a very attracting and a user-friendly interface which makes the experience very worthy. Nike Training Camp is not any ordinary fitness app. It will surely provide you results.

2. PumaTrac

.As from the name you can make out, it is a fitness app by the puma. The app has got a unique sense of style that as soon you will open it, you will feel that athlete or fitness freak coming out of you. You can find a workout on the basis of your needs and requirements. The app takes into consideration your goals, the choice of trainer, the level from where you want to start and the type of workout you want. It also lets you select the duration you would want for the workout.

You can browse from a variety of workouts, each strengthening you at every level.

The go running feature tracks the pace, duration, and cal burned, it is a very helpful feature.

3. Healthify me

This app has gained a lot of popularity. Healthify me is one of the best apps to keep track of your daily meals and calorie intake. The apps track your water intake which many of us fail to keep a record.It offers you a personalized diet plan for weight loss and other health goals.The best feature of this app is that it has a large database of Indian food that unlike many health apps which dont contain information about Indian food at such a level.You can also grab some healthy and tasty recipes, from dal to dosa, with Indian serving sizes.

It also provides a nutrition calculator that breaks down your protein, fibre and carbohydrates with accurate macro-nutrient mapping.It is one of the most trusted health apps and one you should definitely try, you will be aware of how many calories you intake and get to know many new facts. It will truly “Healthify you”!

4. keep  Trainer and Keep yoga

Keep trainer is a very easy to use free app, it consists of home workouts and the exercises require no equipment.It is a very ideal app for working out if you are travelling and need some workout. Though some of the exercises are only for premium users, many of them are free.The app also provides with personalized plans and adapts workouts according to your schedule.It also keeps the tracks of the workouts and give you the calories burned.

Keep yoga is also a very good app, it works for your mental health as well as physical.It does not have workouts but instead, have yoga asanas. The asanas are there for each level of expertise, be it beginner, intermediate or expert.

The app is very good for cultivating peace and stability in the body.The app has guided meditation which will help you learn how to focus, breathe, train your mind and body for a healthier life.

You can download both Keep trainer and Keep yoga and “keep” your mind and body trainer right inside your pocket.

5. Home workout-No equipment

This app by leap fitness group, is one of the best app to keep yourself fit and healthy.It has workout for your abs, legs, arms and butt as well as full body workouts. The exercises need no coach or equipment.Like many other apps, it also records your training progress and customizes your workout reminders.This app is great for men and consist of different workout for them.It consists of a combination of various exercises and gives a good quality workout to the user.The workouts can be done anywhere and you should definitely give it a try.

6. 30-day Fitness Challenge-

This app is great for home workouts and will give you the boost you require. Strengthen your body and provide it more flexibility and endurance.

7. Headspace

Health is not only about physical fitness right?

Your mental fitness requires the same amount of attention as your body. Headspace is here to do the work for you .It is one of the top-grossing health and fitness apps.It will help you focus, breathe,stay calm and perform at your best and get a better night’s rest.It has a collection of meditation and relaxing exercises. It transports you into a different world , where you can grow, manage your stress and let go of your anxiety, tension and learn the art of living.Many of the sessions are paid but some of them you can try for free.

With so much mental pressure in our lives, you definitely want to try headspace and bring out the best and the calm in you.

8. my fitness pal

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get up healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet, MyFitnessPal has got you covered.It lets you log everything you eat .It also analyses patterns in your diet and encourages balance.You can track all the calories,fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fibre, cholesterol, vitamins and more.It provides with the feature to log breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.You will really feel that it has become your “pal”, and will not able to do without it.

9. Down dog

It is the #1 rated app for practising yoga at home. It is great for all levels.It offers so many features that will get so addicted to this app.

Here are some of the feature it provides you-

1. It is friendly for all levels of users. It does not require you to be expert in yoga.

2. All the asanas primarily focus on strengthening and stretching your back.

3. You can also select among 7 different voices

4. You do not need to listen to the same music throughout, The music keeps on rising and falling throughout.

5. It also provides you to download a practice for offline use and you can practice anywhere, anytime.

This app is undoubtedly the best yoga app you can have for your fitness regime.

10. Seven – 7-minute workout

What if I say you can get fit in just 7 minutes? Yes!, you heard that right, this app provides you workouts for just 7 minutes a day. If you are struggling to find time in your busy schedule, don’t worry! With Seven apps you can workout wherever you want in just 7 minutes. This app will help especially the beginners to cultivate the habit of exercising. You can start with a full-body circuit and unlock additional sessions as you work out with the app or get a full access by subscribing.

This app contains a variety of exercises for target areas and you can select the area you want. It will help you to be more regular with your workout and you won’t be able to complain about lack of time anymore.