Benefits of Using a Preacher Curl Machine in Your Workout Sessions.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

The preacher curl machine is a great piece of equipment for fully developing the biceps. It’s awesome because on most machines, the elbow padding allows you to easily manipulate your forearm position, thus enabling you to hone in on specific fibers or heads of the biceps. It’s also a fantastic exercise for isolating the biceps, as well as incorporating a variety of intensity techniques like drop sets or rest pause sets.

Some great preacher curl machine benefits:

Among the many benefits of the preacher curl machine, the easy use of intensity techniques for growth are among the most important. No better bicep’s machine allows for rest pause or drop sets to be implemented than with this machine. Drop sets are an incredible way to allow you to immensely overload the muscle tissue far past traditional muscular failure.

The isolation component of the preacher curl machine is another great factor, which makes this machine a very desirable exercise for those looking for a more “isolation type” approach to bicep training.

Besides isolation, the preacher curl machine will allow you to use a variety of different grip variations. From the traditional supine grip to using a prone grip (which will put a great amount of emphasis on the brachialis muscle as well as the brachioradialis and virtually every extensor in the forearm). Some machines even have handles that let you use a “hammer” grip. Now, the hammer grip is great for those who’s forearm extensors aren’t quite strong enough to be able to handle the resistance used when training the biceps with a prone or reverse grip. The hammer grip allows for much greater power in the biceps curl movement.

All in all, the preacher curl machine is a great piece of equipment to include in your biceps training routine. It can allow you to easily use a variety of intensity techniques, use very effective isolation techniques, and make it easy for you to hone in on specific areas of the biceps. Training the inner or outer heads of the biceps doesn’t get much easier than doing so on a preach curl machine.

On some, you can even use a hammer grip, which develops a “hidden” muscle called the brachialis, which is beneath the biceps muscle. Developing this muscle will “push” up on the biceps muscle itself, giving the illusion of greater peaked biceps. This development can easily be achieved on a preacher curl machine, as long as it has the proper grip features. Nevertheless, the preacher curl machine is incredible as it can make a HUGE impact on your bicep’s growth and overall arm size.


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