Being a Yoga Teacher

Blog by : Chirag Kwatra

Being a Yoga Teacher


Yoga teachers or as I like to call the secret society of warriors. Yoga teachers range from the celebrity to the non-practicing, and all share the experience of yoga teacher training, but one common thing you will find about most Yoga trainers is the story, the love and joy they got after they did and helped people.

If you have not thought about a yoga teacher training before, here are a couple good reasons, it’s time to take the leap and get started with being a part of this secret society of warriors.


  • Yoga training programs help people of any physical level to unplug from the fast running life and ever changing technology and engaging in healthy activity and being a Yoga Trainer this should be your approach to help people engage in various healthy activities i.e. good conversations.
  • Whether you do Yoga at your place or at a Yoga studio, one thing is guaranteed, A positive environment around you. The world will never be free of office politics, impossible bosses, and overtime, but Being a Yoga teacher, you can give this refreshing environment to the people.
  • According to what attracts me the most is the Flexible Schedule,who wouldn’t want this, Right? A big part of the yoga tradition is discipline, but true discipline can only come from the freedom to choose. Yoga Teachers are able to set their own working schedule to accommodate the needs of their personal lives and personal practice. This is both a luxury and a necessity for growth and fulfillment.
  • Yoga was originated in India,that’s right, INDIA but now it has now spread to the Western world too. Today, yoga is everywhere, and as a teacher and student, you’ll find it almost impossible not to teach and study all over the globe.
  • According to a wild stat, 85% of do not like the work they do which is not good, when you love something you do, you stay fit and you live happy, and if yoga is what you love, why not teach and share it with others and make this world a peaceful and better place. When you love your work, amazing things will happen to you and people around you every day.


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