Beejal Dhawan-It is never too late to live again

Blog by-Pooja Seth

In India, there is a lot of stereotypes attached to a life of women. There are a certain set of roles that are assigned to women and they are only expected to live by them. Today we are going to look inside Beejal Dhawan’s story and see how she transformed her life with running day by day. Our mind is the seed of our life and all other things are the tree. If we water the seed every day with positivity and willpower, we will get a positive life. Our life is in our mind, our thoughts shape our life

We all know the power of our mind, but even then we don’t apply the full power of our mind.

Beejal was married at the age of  22 and was a mother by the age of 26. She had few complications with her first pregnancy and was advised complete bed rest. Due to this, she put on a lot of weight. At the age of 27, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and after 2 years, she was having slip disk. Life has a strange way of making us strong.

When she conceived her second child, she was told to terminate because of a weak back but she decided to deliver the child. Slip disk was affecting her life majorly and she was not able to pick her own baby. It dawned upon her that, it was time to change the way she leads her life and be more active. She decided to take up running and made changes in her diet. In about three months, she lost 30 kg of weight. She was told by her doctor to enter the clinic when she becomes 55 and she entered the clinic when she became 53 kgs. Her doctor mentions to everyone that she has been the best patient so far. The kind of parenting she wanted to give to her children was not possible with the lazy lifestyle she used to live with. She was very shy to run on the tracks and started running in the garden, slowly and steadily she ran for 1-2 hours. Her back problem also started to improve and become better.

The motivation for her to move out of the house has always been her kids and made her a better mother she is today. She met with a group which encouraged her to start running marathons, and she started running but finished it not by running but walking. She aims to finish the marathon and do it only by running.

Her story shows that no injury or health issue is greater than our will to change it. The day we decide to gain victory over our fears, doubts and laziness, We live the best version of ourselves.