Beauty benefits of exercise

                                                             Blog By: Aishwarya Ghumekar

There are plenty of reasons to exercise. For some, it’s because you booked a beach vacation, while others are focused on staying healthy. No matter what your motivation is, we can all agree that the benefits of exercise are obvious. But there’s a stealthier payoff: healthy skin. Read on to learn more about the skin and beauty rewards that come from regularly working up a sweat.

Instant Glow

When you get your heart pumping from aerobic exercise, you’re supplying your skin with a nice dose of oxygenated blood which helps your skin to glow.

Wrinkle Reduction

Working out also helps maintain healthy levels of the stress-related hormone cortiso. Too much cortisol can also cause the collagen in the skin to break down; Exercise actually supports the production of collagen thus reducing wrinkles.

Healthier Hair

The improved blood flow helps keep your hair stronger and healthier, this blood, full of nutrients, stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. Exercise is also a big stress reliever, Lower stress means your hair is less likely to be brittle and, worse, fall out.

Thus we can say that exercise definitely help us to enhance the beauty.

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