BCAA and Glutamine Market in India


A branched chain amino acid (BCAA) is an amino acid having aliphatic side-chain with a branch. Among the proteinogenic amino acids, there are three BCAAs: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These amino acids cannot be made by the body and are available to humans in protein rich food such as eggs, meat and dairy products. These are also available in the form of dietary supplements.

The proven benefits of BCAAs include-

  1. Increased muscle growth by stimulating muscle protein synthesis, the process of muscle making.
  2. It helps in decreasing the muscle soreness after workouts.
  3. BCAAs also help in reducing the fatigue caused due to workouts.
  4. They are also found to be helpful in preventing muscle breakdown.
  5. BCAAs are found to improve health of people suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Market Size

The market of BCAA is big enough but not as big as the market of protein shakes in India. Though the market is growing but the growth is less as compared to the growth in market of protein shakes.

The supplement market is pretty dominant only in the southern region of the country. The majority of the customer base includes serious competitive athletes, fitness models, models and college students. Opposite to the case of protein shake, the number of college students consuming BCAA is the least due to lack of good investment.

So, we conclude that the market size of BCAA in India is mediocre; it is neither too big nor too small.

BCAA Manufacturers

There are numerous BCAA manufacturers in the entire world; these manufacturers export their products to India. Some of  the manufacturers which almost own the Indian BCAA market are MusclePharm, Ultimate Nutrition, ON (Optimum Nutrition), Cellucor, BPI, BSN, Dymatize, etc.

These brands have proven the worth of their products by giving results and thus acquiring a great customer base and customer-brand loyalty.

Establishing you own BCAA brand in India


Establishing a new brand of BCAA in India directly means competing with all the other brands available in the market. As stated above that these brands already have got the trust and support of their customers; so competing with them is a really tough job. Moreover, the investment required to establish a new supplement brand is pretty hefty too.

With all the above requirements completed, one needs to attract customers. Thus, cutting some of the profit is inevitable; this simple means that one has price the supplement at a price cheaper than the other brand but higher in order to affirm the customers that it isn’t fake or low quality material. The price range of BCAA in India ranges between Rs. 400 to approximately 4,000 for 500 grams.

Muscleblaze, TNC and Vigourfuel are some of the best Indian BCAA manufacturing companies but don’t even stand near the western competitors.


Glutamine is a α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of the protein in human body. It plays numerous roles but the major purpose is to serve as building blocks for proteins. It exists in two forms- L-Glutamine and D-Glutamine; both of them have a slight difference in the molecular arrangement. The supplements provide us with L-Glutamine but almost all of us prefer to use the broader term Glutamine. This amino acid is very essential for immune system and intestinal health. The benefits of Glutamine in the field of fitness are not backed up by any solid research and require more research. So, we cannot comment on it but a lot of people still opt to buy glutamine to maintain their health.

Market Size


Market size of Glutamine is pretty small. This is due to the fact that muscle building benefits of Glutamine is not backed up by a proper research and nothing could be said about its role in muscle building. Though, the market is small yet it is present and a lot of people go adding Glutamine in their supplement stack. Some of the leading brands that dominate the Indian market are MusclePharm, MuscleTech, ON (Optimum Nutrition), Nature’s, SSN and Gaspari. Since the results cannot be determined due to lack of evidence to prove that Glutamine is good for muscle building, the brands famous in India for other supplements are getting all the attention from the customer base.

Establishing your own Glutamine brand in India


This task is pretty difficult as Glutamine is a supplement which cannot be sold by its own quality, offers and results. It requires one to have their brand to be present in other supplements as well; when the other supplements get successful, one can expect the glutamine to get successful too. Some of the Indian brands which sell Glutamine are- TNC, MuscleBlaze and VigourFuel. These companies don’t have a good sale either due to lack of great sale of their other supplements. The sale of Glutamine is always less as compared to other supplements. It is often kept as additional supplement after completing the stack for the month or season.

How to get in the game to manufacture BCAA and Glutamine


Both of BCAA and Glutamine are dietary supplement and require the usual legal work before launching the products in the Indian market. These are:-

  1. Get your company registered or approved by the Government as Food Company.
  2. You need to get a FSSAI certificate.
  3. You need to get a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which ensures that the products are being constantly produced and pass the regular quality measure tests.
  4. ISO certification for the company and the product.
  5. Get TIN number.
  6. Get service tax number.

These were all the legal formalities to be done after arranging all the necessary items such as investment and business plan.

BCAA and Glutamine Distributors in India

BCAA and Glutamine distribution is required in India as most of the BCAAs available in the market are of western brands which require importing them. Now, some of the trusted distributors in India are:-

  1. NEUVERA Wellness Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Bright Commodities
  3. Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited
  4. Healthkart
  5. ARC Distributors
  6. Global Implex
  7. Paradise Nutrition
  8. Arena Implex
  9. 121 World Exports
  10. Polar Exim Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Kar Enterprises

These were all the trusted distributors in the Indian market. Always make sure that your BCAA or Glutamine supplement has seal of any one of these distributors. Since the gray market is increasing rapidly, one needs to assure the quality of the food supplement that one is having.


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