Banana stem 20(pcs)

Moringa powder20 gms

Coconut powder 10 gms

Cardamom 5 gms

Jaggery 25 gms


  • Take banana stem
  • Remove everything from stem until you reach the core of stem
  • You will find a long flexible tube
  • Chop the tube into small pieces
  • And boil them in pressure cooker
  • And simultaneously take jaggery in utensil and heat it, liquid form of jaggery is established
  • Now put boiled pieces of stem in jagger and keep it for few hours
  • Now take dry olifera leaves, coconut powder and cardamom and blend them together
  • Now remove the pieces of stem from jaggery and check whether it has developed sweet flavour
  • Now coat the dry mixture over the pieces of banana stem



Nutrition value



Carbohydrates 36.546 gms
Protein 4.4 gm
Fibre 7.8 gm


The major advantage of this product is the use of olifera which is also known as miracle tree. Its micronutrient composition per 100 gm is as followed


Micronutrient Composition (per 100 gm)
Calcium 440 mg
Magnesium 24 mg
Iron 7 mg
Phosphorus 70mg
Potassium 259mg
Vitamin c 220 mg