Balance Diet

Article By : Dabsona Pal

What is a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is which gives our body complete nutrition for functioning properly from inside and also from outside

Macro Calculation

Before calculating macro we have to calculate the total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) of the client

Let’s understand with an example

Suppose client’s TDEE is 2200 can and goal is to lose fat, in that case, we should go in deficit ( in starting 20% deficit is enough, long deficit also cause muscle loss, metabolism slow down, weakness, etc)

Let’s assume we will give that client 1600 calorie


Then according to his lifestyle if he is already on a moderate protein-rich food diet then now recommended protein intake for him is based on his activity level

  • If he is less active then bodyweight*1.2-1.5 is ok to start we can increase with progress and time
  • If he is active then bodyweight*1.8-2.2 is optimal for max muscle hypertrophy

Now Fat and Carbs

Good fat is an essential part of diet after calculating protein-calorie rest calorie we will divide in fat and carbs in fat lose classes little fewer carbs with a complex form of carbs effect more

End of the days if we are on a deficit and protein is on point we will lose fat.

Besides protein, carbs, fat fiber is very essential nutrients which help improve digestion, reduce appetite helps us feel full for long

A healthy fiber requirement always 25-35gm/Day

End of the day besides macronutrients micronutrients requirement should be full filled

Use of Macro Nutrients

Protein –

Always best protein source is a complete protein source like whey, meat, fish, eggs, some dairy product,

Soya, tofu is a good source of protein especially for vegan we can also use combined protein like peas and different grains combination, bread and peanut butter, rich and rajma, etc

Protein digestibility is also a factor fast digest protein gives some percentage fast result like whey protein those are best to take after work out

Fat –

Healthy fat has lots of benefits like cardiovascular health, proper hormonal functioning, absorb fat-soluble vitamins, etc

In fat always we have to balance between unsaturated ratio and saturated ratio based on that

Some best sources are- Olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, butter(more saturated), avocado, different nuts, etc

Carbs –

Slow digest gives us energy slowly and fast digest carbs give us energy fast

It is good to take some fast absorb carbs in a pre-workout meal to boost the work out performance,  rest day we can take more complex carbs

Some examples are-

  • Simple-banana, liquid drinks, fruits, corn flex, etc
  • Complex-brown rice, brown bread, oats, etc

Fiber –

Always a good source of dietary fiber is green vegetables like kale, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, cabbage,e etc

If someone has a problem in vegetables they can supplement it’s also in other food contains some fiber

Water –

A healthy intake of water always need to maintain the hydration level

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