Ayesha Billimoria-The Powerhouse Factory!

Blog by-Pooja Seth

Ayesha Billimoria-The Powerhouse Factory!

“The fit girl India”

She is undoubtedly the Fit Girl India.”Ayesha Billimoria”  has been influencing so many people into fitness. She is the new age fitness icon for today. She has been a professional athlete since the age of 14.She is one of the leading health and fitness influencers of India today. She is a runner herself and knows the importance of healthy living . Her days are packed head to toe in giving training sessions to her students. She starts her day with arts in motion dance studio in bandra at 6:30 am and then she trains a group 20 women and make them do exercises .At her house ,she has made a little training centre and takes personal training sessions. She is also an ambassador to addidas , and trains runners selected by them .She  gets some rest at 12.30 pm, after three hours of back to back home sessions.. She asserts the importance of people learning that running and training well is important. She heads over to Priya Darshni Park for a run at 4 pm and then to conduct training sessions for school children between 5 pm and 7 pm. With that, she finally wraps up her day. Like any athlete she had her share of struggles ,she had severe injuries due to lot of weight training but that could not hamper the passion she has for running. She has decided to be a professional runner even at the age of 31.  Her diet is a very simple one and she often indulges in curd bars,beetroot, ginger and wheatgrass

juice.She likes to motivate people through her instagram account and shares her runs and fitness tips on her account.She is a true inspiration and makes each day count.


“Just be you, and share your passion with the world. Dont try to be artificial or like someone else. People will love you for you being you”.