Avoid commiting these mistakes after Workout

You know what heartache is? A heart ache is when your weighing scale is constantly on the same number even after weeks of rigorous workout. When you have sacrificed your favourite food for only god knows how many days and you still look like a baked potato in LBD.
No matter how much you workout in gym, no matter how many reps you do in a day, no matter how many meals you skip, you won’t lose any weight until you don’t stop doing these things after a workout. Yes, there are some activities that we do and don’t do after a workout that keeps us from shedding extra pounds.
If you too are knowingly or knowingly committing these mistakes, stop right away!

Not having any water workout

When you have done your cardio, when you have don extra squats, planks and other exercises, you lose water through sweat and you lose electrolytes. So, you better balance the amount of water in your body. Water will restore the glycogen levels in your body by adjusting the amount of electrolytes.

Gorging on fatty food

Well, I have been making this mistake from day one. I get back from gym and eat like anything, which was the biggest mistake I was making. I did feel hungry after workout but you should never eat immediately after eating and that too fat enriched food. Yes, eating fats after a workout backfires as fat slows down the digestive process instated go for food that can enter in your bloodstream and cells quickly. You should eat anything after at least half an hour of workout. Instead of fats, you must go for fat cutter protein and carbs.

No stretching

I never stretched after a workout because I saw no use but I was wrong, you must never skip the post-workout stretching. Stretching has nothing to do with weight loss but surely prevent your muscles from getting rigid and getting injured. Also, it makes the next workout session smooth.

No more movement for rest of the day

My job requires me to sit in one position the entire day, which is not right. Often we think that an hour in gym is enough but no, apparently it is not. You must keep your body in active mode by stretching and keeping your limbs active during the day, which could include a mild low-intensity walks, stretching, some yoga poses. Being physically inactive again makes your muscles rigid, turning next workout session tough. Also, it keeps the blood flow normal, prevents soreness of muscles and more.


Get good sleep

Our body rebuild and replenish better when you sleep. So, proper rest is something that you must never skip. I avoided sleep after workouts, which was a wrong move. When you take a nap after a workout session, your muscles relax and recharge better when you sleep.