Athletic Training Arenas

Though India has been really poor in athletics and sports; the time has changed in 21st Century. Indian athletes had done exceptionally well in this year’s Commonwealth Games 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. Indian athletes bagged 26 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals; with this India surpassed its medal tally back in Commonwealth Games 2014 at Glasgow. This record is more than enough to throw light on the steep growth in performance of Indian athletes. Yet, if we look toward the Olympics, we’ve got a long way to go; but with good facilities, proper guidance and training, our athletes can do really well at the Olympics too!

What are Athletic Training Arenas?

Athletic training arenas mean a place dedicated towards the training of various athletes. These places have all the facilities that help in the growth of an individual athlete. Apart from this, these arenas may also have various trainers and coaches in order to help the athletes nurture their talent! These arenas can be used by many athletes simultaneously even if their sport differs; the only requirement is basic area for practicing with facilities as are needed by the athletes for the sport.

Options Available

If you’re planning to go for an athletic arena business, you should look thoroughly at options at your disposal. Some of the options available are:-

  1. Stadium This is a place or an open ground with boundaries where various athletes can come and practice their sport in order to nurture their talent. On may also hire coaches and trainers who track their performance and design training plans and sessions accordingly.
    The basic requirement of a stadium is a large area of land and a good infrastructure. Apart from this, another critical element is the services provided to the athletes, i.e., proper racing tracks, triple jump, long jump areas, etc.
    Apart from this, you need to decide for yourself whether you want a stadium that meets international standards or is just for practicing and local events.
    A stadium that meets international standards needs a humongous piece of land as well. The one that needs international standards should have different areas for each athletic event and each of them should be provided with good space so as to conduct the events in an organized manner. This not only requires you invest way too much but also can generate great revenue. You have a fixed income as you will definitely allow the athletes to practice in return of some fees, apart from this, the international events, if organized, will pay you a really handsome amount of money.
    If you wish to own a stadium that meets the standards suitable only for practicing and enhancing the skills of athletes, you can afford to go for investing a little less. No matter what, the services and equipment to be provided to the athletes need to be of international standard. The revenue generated is fixed.
  2. Indoor Arenas These arenas are only for training purposes. They don’t organize any kind of event or competitions whether local or international. These arenas apart from providing facilities in shade, i.e., indoors, also provide with additional services such as a mini gym and cardio vascular machines in order to enhance the fitness of athletes too. This helps them to perform well in their athletic events too. These arenas charge a little more than the usual stadium as they are more concerned with the lavishness of the athletes too!

Setting Up a Business

There are a number of steps required to set up the business in this field. This requires a lot of research and hard work. So, here’s a guide to help you sort out things:-

  1. Business Plan The first and foremost thing you should have before stepping into a business is a business plan. This is the most crucial element of a business. Having a business plan states how you will proceed step by step with your business and what exactly are your requirements, a rough approximation of the investment required.
  2. Securing Finances Setting up such a huge business is a Herculean task and the most critical element is the amount of finance you can secure. Currently, the Government of India gives you some sort of support if you are willing to bring about making a difference in the field of athletics and sports by offering services to the athletes. Apart from this, you can also get a loan as well as get someone to provide you with the required investment. Another option is to have a business partner; this option is a bit risky if you’re not an extrovert who can draw a fine line between personal life and professional life!
  3. Location Location plays a crucial role in determining the success of your athletic training arena. If you’re going for international arena, then you should prefer a more accessible and posh area. In the other cases, you can simple go for a location near to a residential area. Nowadays, people are clubbing their athletic training arenas with various famous sports store; here athletes and other random people can practice by paying daily or having a membership. This option is also getting famous with time!
  4. Official Documents there is a set of guidelines that need to be followed by the owner, which you can easily get by visiting the official site of Sports Authority of India. This site can also help you with the documents that you need to get registered and start the business.
  5. Hiring You need to hire professional coaches and trainers who themselves are or were involved in the sport they are going to monitor. A good coach can bring out the best out of even the worst of athletes!
  6. Advertisement After setting up a proper athletic arena, you need to advertise it so that people come to know about your business. You need to distribute pamphlets and print you advertisement in the local newspaper. Once you get a handful of athletes, you can easily get more and more athletes to join via their connections.