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Blog by: Faiyaz Ali Khan

It is a lifestyle,Fitness is about well-being, attaining peace, relieving stress and reaching your desired body through right means. In the industry, new fads may be flashy but since everybody is made differently, you have to understand that there are things which you want to do and the others that you don’t and that you have to listen to your own body when it says no. Fitness fads may come and go so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Holistic wellness is here to stay.

If you want to reach your desired goals of attaining a healthy and functional ‘you’ then you must most importantly focus on not getting hurt or overworking out, chances being falling in a trap  of injuries and being demotivated. Peeps, that can be a recipe for disaster. Hence, my suggestion is to be functional at work, at home and at the gym. For that one has to have a larger picture in mind and remember that it it’s time to work smart, not pushing beyond the limitations that come with age, stress levels and work schedules. To attain a well-toned body, one does not have to slog in the gym. The body that does even 25-30 minutes of workout which is not hardcore and that which fetches results is called the body for life and it will remain thankful to you for not hurting it.
Well most of the gym rats and people who want Quick results forget one important thing!! The Discipline and Correct form of doing any work out.. Just Imagine if a foundation of a huge building is weak,will it last long??

Discipline is about how consistent are you and are willing to give your best and be relentless to achieve your goals.. Be it your Diet,Frequency and Recovery..Sportsman to a Gym freak this formula apply the same.. Always.. Whoever Conquer’s Discipline is a Winner In Life..

Now let’s talk about the form or correct way of doing a particular exercise. I always teach the basics first and then take my students to the next level when I feel and see that they are comfortable.. Once a student is comfortable then the time comes for progression by going with right form again that is minus jerky movements and wrong posture while training.. I always try and keep things simple and tell them that please don’t listen to me if you don’t want too but always in the mirror while working out as mirror will never lie!! If you look funny or weird than sure thing that you are doing something wrong and bound to get injuries.. As a trainer my job is my students safety first,so when I train someone for a session I try and became like my student to read his or her mindset so that they shouldn’t do any harm to themselves. I demonstrate the exercise first or at time’s I do along with them.. As a trainer i honestly feel that I’m playing with a human body and it’s my most important job is to see that I do no harm to them,if not I can not do good!
Just to give a real experience of my job and many celebrity student I trained.. Here is an example of one student who is a fitness junkie and who I managed to keep him for so long..

Well talking about my most beloved and dedicated student which i had been training for more than 16 years is am example for holistic fitness and i would proudly like to add that he has the desire and the will to achieve whatever he wants to be fit always..

Training Rohit like student(which is hard get one) is a bliss as he is so committed and became an example for many… He walks the talk and his attitude is like”Never say Never”.. im saying this because many students wants quick fix results and wants to achieve body of their desire in no time,which is a Big no for me a teacher,i believe in building it up in any form of workout and then push hard from there!!

I make him train in different patterns so that his body is shocked always and responds faster… Touch wood,he never got an injury as he is a trainer’s delight to work with. We do Bootcamp training,HIIT Training(High Intense interval Training),Kettle bell for Core,Battle Ropes, cardio in a week… i also make him do out door running and biking too for a change from the machine cardio,which never keeps him bored.

Functional Training and Body weight Training including Bosu,Balance board ,Rolling Ropes,Plyometerics and MMA(mixed martial arts) are must too in his regimen him as he is hungry to learn always and move the ladder without hurting himself,if i say yes,its yes for him and no means a no!! While training him i make it a point that his safety is important than anything else with great form… i want my student to last longer,look younger and stay injury free,these goals,Rohit has achieved with his passion for fitness,he can be a poster boy for fitness for any trainer forget me!!

I have always made sure he eats clean,trains mean and stays Mean in his look as per his body type.. i have never ever encouraged him to use supplements or steroids for quick gain and also taught him about the ill effects of this products which are not approved by FDA..

Over all its about lasting longer and doing the best to excel is our goal for betterment in his health and the business he does outside the gym.. Hats of to his  Dedication,Desire and Determination.. Should say this to him as my student that he has an Iron Will!

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