Are you following a wrong workout method to burn fat?

Blog By: Kartikeya Chaturvedi

It is indeed a matter of consideration while choosing a correct exercise model to burn that extra fat in your body. Every one needs a perfectly shaped body after working the heart out everyday at the gym or at home. Since the world is full of opinions and advises, some fall prey to wrong methods and models of workout. Today we list out few things     which you might be doing wrong to burn the belly fat. A note to remember- Burning overall body fat is quite necessary to burn that extra chunk 


  1. You’re only doing Cardio!


    This is one of the most common mistakes a person does and falls prey for. Doing just the cardio to eliminate the extra chunk will land you up losing the muscle mass instead and you will end up having what they call a “lean fat body”. Strength training is equally important and should be managed accordingly.

  2. You believe doing just abs will cut the belly fat? Wrong!


    Like every other muscle, abs also need rest. A rest of about 48-72 hours. So if you’re thinking to lose the fat around the belly, don’t just do abs everyday. Make a schedule or get yourself a trained professional ( recommended ) to help you out.

  3. I am doing good workout-so I can eat anything !

    Another example of a wrong advise or methodology to go about. The body reduces weight according to the proportion of calories you take and the proportion of calories you burn. This relationship has to be maintained. For reducing 1 kg of weight, a person needs to lose 7600 kcal ! So keep your taste buds hungry until you reach your goal !

  4. “I am going to the gym-I do not need aerobics/yoga”

    Women standing on their heads in yoga exercise at The Iyengar Yoga Studio, London, England, UK
    AN3MGG Women standing on their heads in yoga exercise at The Iyengar Yoga Studio, London, England, UK

    Yoga, and aerobics provides complete body stretching, relaxation and treatment to the body. The ancient methodology to keep fit should not be ruled out just because you’re using barbells in a gym. Practising yoga or aerobics can relax you and bring complete fitness even if you miss a day or two at the gym

  5. “Why do I need to drink water? I drink protein shake”

    Till now, you must and should know that water is very essential for one’s health. One needs to drink lots and lots of water in order to keep the system clean. Many still do not like to keep a bottle of water with them, instead they are attracted with the all new protein shakes/juices which have emerged in the fitness world. True that some nutritional products help you building a good body, but replacing water with it is completely wrong. One should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day.


There are many other facts/myths and advises which people believe , but keeping them aside and sticking to the basics is equally important. This needs focus. Generally people do not opt for personal trainers or prefer asking experts, instead they read something, and start implementing without even knowing the consequences. Remember every body is different and practising something without supervision can lead to bad results. We at BFY recommend that training consultancy is equally important as consulting a doctor, hence there are a wide range of qualified trainers, training just for you to give you the correct form of advice. So, the next time someone advises you, do consult a fitness expert !



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