BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

Anuradha Thokchom is born on February 2 1989 at toubal Manipur. She is from  village family. The sibling elder brother and sister. Their family engaged in cultivation for survival. Her elder is also sportsman palying football as a goalkeeper and was popular in village level. She has the strong background of sport . Anuradha who started with football player. She is the women in the hockey team of India. She has a keen interest in the game of football. After playing Football for some years, Anuradha started playing Hockey under Toubul Youth Club. But, buying hockey stick and other equipments for playing hockey was a hurdle for her. But her interest as a player caught the attention of many people in her locality. People from her localities contributed themselves and bought hockey stick and other equipments for Anuradha. In the mean time, Anuradha could also finished her twelfth standard. She is presently employed as a clerk in the Railways. With the guidance of Bala from Imphal, Anuradha, by staying at the residence of Bala, admitted to Posterior Hockey Academy Manipur (PHAM) and begin playing to becomes a professional hockey player. She was trained under coach Chandikumar, Romesh and (late) Herojit. After playing for a year under PHAM, Anuradha was selected to SAI Gujarat in 2002. But very soon Anuradha left SAI Gujarat and joined PHAM again. Anuradha then participated in National level championships representing Manipur. This performance gave Anuradha the opportunity to show her talents. After many stints and performances at the national level, Anuradha played for India at the Women’s Asia Cup held at Japan from July 20 to 25 in 2006. This was her first International level performance. She was adjusted Best Player as she showed her techniques and skill as a forward in the championships.

Anuradha Thokchom is part of this piece of history. Achieving a berth at Rio was no mean feat for this talented hockey player who hails from a tiny hilly area called Toubul in Manipur, a state that has produced great athletes such as Mary Kom, but no hockey player of international repute. Her father, a farmer in her village, supported all her sporting activities. She plays forward and is known mainly for her agility. The team can also count on her rich experience – she has played more than 80 international matches.

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