Ankita Gaur:”NEVER GIVE UP!”

Blog By-Pooja Seth

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish.The time will pass anyway.!
We all want to follow our dreams, break the stereotypes, and live the life we want. But it is not as easy as it seems to be.
Today we are going to talk about one such woman who lives life on her own terms and follows her passion.
Her name is thecookie_runner,!(I know you must be thinking what type of a name is this.Well, My apologies, this is the name of her Instagram profile.Her real name is Ankita Gaur.)
Ankita is a Marathoner, Cyclist, Captain Adidas Runners Bangalore, Running coach at the cult and to top it all , she is also a blogger where she shares all her nutrition and training hacks.I know you must all be thinking that how does she do it, well my friends it is the passion and the will which makes them work hard.Let us explore about this wonder woman.
She is a Techie from Bangalore.Since her childhood, she has always been an avid runner and used to participate in various races.
As she grew up and went to high school ,her love for swimming became more strong and running took a backseat for some time.
As time passed by and she was surrounded by travel,work and all this lead to her gaining weight .Yes! she weighed around 80kgs.
That is when the athlete in her woke up and she decided to change her lifestyle and transform into a fit version of herself.
Her then boyfriend and now husband mentored her for her First half marathons and yes her husband is also an avid runner.
He trained her for 3 months for the marathon and that helped her in losing her a lot of weight.
She was able to complete the marathon in 57 minutes. Initially running was just a means to stay fit for her but now she cannot on for more than a few days without running.
It helps her clear her head and also is a source of some ‘me time for her’.She is also sponsored by Adidas and Fast&up India.
It was her first marathon in feb 2016 after which she got qualifies for Boston marathon in September 2017 that set her journey forward and after that there has been no looking back!.
Through her training, she wants to help people reach their potential.She aims to help everyone who wants to be better runner than what they are now.
She is also a big fan of yoga and incorporates many asanas in her regime.Ankita is an optimist and always motivates her fellow companions for their run.She has also completed her cycling journey from Manali to Leh in 6 days in 2014.
This techie from Banglore has achieved milestones and has dedicated herself to fitness .
She believes that When one develops excellence in one area of life, it carries over to the rest of one’s life!
If you are also interested to get training and guidance in your health and fitness regime ,you can visit the link and train better and brighter!
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