Anand Arnold: Iron Will


Blog by: Raj Kishan

Sometimes people have everything but they don’t open their arms to accept it. People with all the capabilities, resources and opportunities are just not willing to realize that they are made for greatness. They are just not hungry enough, while some people in adverse conditions thrive for greatness. It is well said that “The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.” Anand Arnold, the iron willed bodybuilder is that hungry wolf who wanted greatness and worked hard to achieve it.

Crowned Mr. India over three times, earned the title of Mr. Punjab for 12 times and 27 other major bodybuilding trophies, Mr. World 2016 being the latest! This fits the bill for veteran, skilled bodybuilders, while that is correct but there is a catch in the tale of Anand Arnold. Anand is the nation’s first wheelchair bodybuilder.

Anand started bodybuilding at a very tender age of 13, an instantly won first title in the same year. However, the brave young boy had to face a very stressful time in his 15th year; he was diagnosed with lower spinal cord cancer. He undergone an operation immediately, the surgery left the teenager paralyzed and bound to his bed. Initially he could just move his hands, he went under physiotherapy for over 3 years and by the end of it he could move his upper body, though his legs remained paralyzed binding him to wheelchair for remainder of his life. But his winner’s attitude refused to quit.

Born in 1986 in Ludhiana, Punjab, Anand belong to sportsmen family. His family motivated him to get better and his coach Mr. Ravi Parashar helped him to achieve his dream. His favourite exercises are; pushups, chest press, dumbbell press, backdips and peckdeck. He says that he has always eaten natural and worked hard to achieve what he is today.

His meal plan:
Breakfast-10 eggs and a banana milk shake
Lunch-250 grams chicken breast with boiled rice
Dinner-10 eggs with a banana milk shake again; this is also his post workout meal

The 31 year old inspiration, Anand has made India proud on a number of occasions, and once again glorified India by bagging Gold at Mr. World 2017. He carries the never give up attitude with himself everywhere. He has already featured in Telugu movie, Supreme, and soon will be seen in Bollywood movies. Author Allen Woodman has written about his story in his book titled ‘Weightless: A True Story of Courage and Inspiration’. He has appeared on India’s Got Talent, performing various stunts and judges went on to call him “Indian Superman.” He says that he tries to use every possible platform to get in front of the people to tell them that nothing is impossible. Inspired and inspiring!

Anand, role model, Arnold Schwarzenegger famous quote, “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength,” drives our champion body builder and frankly it should fuel our spirits too.

Never give up it the lesson people!