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   AMARESH OJHA-With the fitness industry in India riding high on growth, Bengaluru based Gympik is a fitness and health aggregator that has achieved great fame in the industry.

Amaresh Ojha, the Founder and CEO of Gympik, is a renowned name in the health and fitness industry.

Gympik is an online fitness discovery platform with about 9,000 fitness centers and more than 5000 fitness professionals from 20 cities across India. Gympik sees itself as a pioneer in the industry, as it has taken a step to organize this unstructured sector.
Gympik offers cloud-based software and a personalized app for fitness centers to make their offerings more personalized.

An IIM Bangalore alumnus with multidisciplinary expertise and extensive work experience, Amaresh’s passion for Gympik evolved from the idea of marketing a platform that would help people with their fitness and health requirements and provide them with solutions to their fitness problems. The idea originated when one of Amaresh’s friends started looking for a personal trainer. After much forage, unable to find a trainer, it was then that Amaresh realized that   finding efficient personal trainers and good fitness institutions were a painstaking job. This gap between the demand for fitness centers and trainers and the supply of the same, led to the business idea of starting an aggregator site for fitness centers.

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Earlier Gympik services were limited to Tier I cities due to easy technological accessibility and easy business scalability. Now, due to increased demand, the services have spread to Tier II and Tier III cities as well. Gympik gets over a lakh unique visitors from tier II cities out of a total of three lakh unique visitors. This Rs 100 crore venture has clocked in revenue of Rs 4 crore in the current year. Gympik increased profits by 200 percent from the past year and are optimistic to break even by the middle of the next year.


This figures show not only the state of rising business opportunities in the fitness industry in India, but also show the growth of awareness for fitness among the common people of India leading to the extensive search and enrollment for efficient fitness centers and private trainers.

“If you are doing something great, you will find many supporters.” – Amaresh Ojha


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