AKSHAY KUMAR-The fittest khiladi

blog by-Pooja Seth

Akshay Kumar is undoubtedly the khiladi when it comes to fitness . He was into fitness even before he joined bollywood.He is also a black belt in Taekwondo and has expertise in martial arts .He follows a very disciplined routine and never make excuses for the same .He is above 40 but can give run for money to any young actor when It comes to money. For Akshay health is the utmost priority and everybody is familiar to the expert he is in his fitness.
His fitness routine involves various varieties. He likes to include various types of sports such as basketball and outdoor activities such as trekking and even when he is on the shoot he somehow manages to find time and does workout .He is a fitness enthusiast and also combines yoga with his regime.His workout routine includes waking up at 4:30 am and going for a swim ,then he practices martial arts for 1 hour, followed by yoga and meditation for 1 hour respectively .He believes that waking up early plays a key role and makes for a great start for the day.
He believes in bringing variety to his fitness routines and combines martials arts ,kick boxing,shadow boxing ,climbing,yoga and he has even installed an artificial tree in his gym.
His diet includes a very balanced diet and he seldom has outside food.His diet regime is something like this;He starts the day with parathas and glass of milk,In noon he has a bowl of fruits,His evenings comprise of juice without sugar and has a very light dinner like soups,veggies etc.He never touches alcohol ,caffeine and never ever has tasted tea or coffee.
He is one of the leading men in bollywood industry and sets an example that fitness is a way of life.Even with his busy schedules, he never takes a day off from his routine.He is a motivation for everyone of us on how to be dedicated.
It is very easy to make excuses but it is only our willpower and strength of the mind which will help us to achieve the fit goal we set for ourselves.