Blog By : Riya Rathore

Akanksha Singh is the present captain of India Women`s National Basketball Team. Her excellent sporting skills have made her win various awards both at national and international level. She was born on 7 September 1989 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Her father is a banker. She belongs to Varanasi’s “Basketball Family”. Her sisters Priyanka Singh, Divya Singh, Prashanti Singh and Pratima Singh, all are well-known basketball players. Three of her sisters are currently member of the India Women’s National Basketball Team. Her brother Vikrant Solanki is an under-19 Delhi State Football Team Player. Akanksha has been given the ‘Best Player’ award in many national and state championships. oint guard Akanksha Singh captains the team for the first time, and is one of the best ball handlers I’ve seen in India. Alongside her in the starting line-up will be India’s former captain and Akanksha’s older sister, Prashanti Singh, and their Delhi teammate, Raspreet Sidhu. Anitha Pauldurai, who was one of the best players for India at the William Jones Cup, rounds up the starting five.

India’s bench will really have to step up and I have a feeling that many of them will not be getting a lot of minutes at the FIBA ABC, forcing greater strain on the starters. Girls like Pushpa Maddu and Kokila Subramani have the potential to have good stretches. I’m also excited about 16-year-old Shireen Limaye, who made her Indian debut at the William Jones Cup and will become one of our best players in the future. n 2010, Akanksha singh was awarded the Most Valuable Player in India’s first Professional Basketball league, MBPL 2010. Her name then, went on to be forever cemented in the Indian Basketball history books as one of the first ever Top Four Players to achieve the “A” from the Basketball Federation of India sponsored by IMG Reliance. In 2003, Akanksha Singh made her debut in the Senior Nationals and played for the Uttar Pradesh team when she was just an 11th Grader. “Many of the older girls didn’t take my seriously because I was small, but I always found a way to surprise them!” In 2004, Akanksha followed her sister’s footsteps into the Delhi team. She had been playing with them a lot as a youngster, and this gave her another chance to play with them and develop a better understanding. As anyone who has ever played regular basketball with a sibling knows.

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