Addicted to fitness? We too……. 6 reasons we just can’t stop

No one denies when it comes to physical health and fitness. In this fast world every single person just want to be as fit as they can, whether they can or not, whether they try or not. At any cost they just want to get fit and a body to show others. Some are passionate about fitness and some are addicted. They just can’t live without doing exercise daily, as if it is a daily meal for them. They just do what they can for a better, healthy and fit life.

Now, let us discuss about six reasons, why we just can’t stop exercising, gyming, dieting, cycling and many more doings, just to get fit.

  1. Obsession

Fitness addiction is an unhealthy obsession which craves you for exercise. It is often a result of one’s body image disorder in front of others and eating disorder. Fitness addicts display traits similar to those of other addicts, which includes:

  • Obsessing over behavior
  • Engaging in the behavior even when it is causing physical harm
  • Engaging in the behavior even if you want to stop
  • Engaging in the behavior in secret
  1. Feels satisfied

Exercising releases endorphins and dopamine. Those are the equal neurotransmitters launched for the duration of drug use. A workout addict feels reward and joy while workout and feels satisfied after that. When they forestall exercising, the neurotransmitters depart. A fitness addict has to exercise more to trigger the chemical launch.

Exercising addiction usually starts with a desire for physical health. An ingesting disease, inclusive of anorexia nervosa or bulimia, may also result in an unhealthy obsession with exercising. A body dysmorphic disease, or body photograph ailment, may motive this exercise addiction for fitness.

  1. Dream body

Addiction to get a good physique for a person is the main concern and a big reason to exercise daily and maintaining a good physique. Every other person is known for his or her fit body now a days. Every person’s challenge is to get into their dream body at any cost. From their first day of exercise and workout to the last day of their fit body, they are addicted to that regular exercise and workouts. These workouts work as drug to them and for their body, now they are necessary.

  1. Fear of getting fat again

Fear is a feeling brought on by using perceived chance or risk that happens in styles of organisms, which reasons a trade in metabolic and organ functions and in the long run a change in conduct, together with fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived worrying activities. When we get a fear of getting fat back again, that’s the time when we realize the importance of fitness and start again.

Daily routine of anything makes you addicted to them, even when you want to stop it.

5.Reduces the risk of diseases

We all know that exercise reduces the risk of so many chronic diseases and this is one of the main reasons we are so much addicted to fitness.

6.Natural Glow

Exercising and eating right gives you a natural glow that no beauty product can give you, the glow you get after sweating it out is worth it.

After so many benefits, how can anybody not be addicted to it?