ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer


  • It was the first college to certify health fitness professionals.
  • Till date, they have certified over 25,000 health fitness professionals in 44 countries.
  • It is the organisation that sets the standards in the health & fitness industry by establishing exercise guidelines that all other certifications use for testing.
  • Its certificates are NCCA accredited, meeting the highest qualifications.



  • ACSM certified personal trainers
  • ACSM health/fitness specialist
  • ACSM exercise specialist
  • ACSM registered clinical exercise physiologist
  • ACSM group exercise instructor


Become an ACSM certified personal trainer

When stepping into the fitness & health industry, why not have the support of the best organisation at your back? Choosing to be a personal trainer is the wisest decision in today’s dynamic world. By being that, you can bring real differences in people’s lives. You can motivate them to reach the goals they can’t reach alone. Furthermore, you can earn according to your will and be your own boss. ACSM personal trainers are well qualified to develop and implement exercise programs for all those who will benefit from it.


Benefits of being an ACSM personal trainer

  • They have learned from the best, and so they are the best.
  • Their certificate holds a high value in the health & fitness industry, giving them a competitive advantage over all others.
  • They can lead and demonstrate safe and effective methods of exercise.
  • They can easily write appropriate exercise recommendations to their clients.
  • They can motivate their clients to begin and continue a healthy lifestyle towards fitness.


Minimum Requirements for becoming an ACSM certified Personal Trainer

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be a current adult CPR certification with practical skills.
  • Must have component (such as the American Heart Association)



  • ACSM’s resources for the personal trainer.
  • ACSM’s guidelines for exercise testing and prescription.
  • ACSM’s certification review.


Exam Format

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions through Computer Based Testing
  • Passing Marks Required: 550/800
  • Certificate Validity: Three Years
  • Renewal: At the end of three years
  • E.Cs for Certificate Renewal: 45 required


Contact BFY for coaching of ACSM CPT

  • Classes will be held twice every week for three months.
  • They will include practical and theory sessions.
  • There will be held special lectures for challenging and difficult concepts.
  • There will be exam prep sessions.
  • Mock tests in exam format will be provided.
  • Unlimited Individual Skype sessions for counselling and clarification of doubts as required by the student.