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Certification with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) USA:

While beginning your career in fitness & health, many important decisions must be made. One of the most important ones is to decide what course will you get certified in and from where? As quality matters, only if your certification has value will you build a successful path in this field. And so, we have brought ACE to help you make these decisions.
ACE has certified more than 200,000 health and fitness professionals in USA and 77 other countries since its founding in 1985. Its certificate is widely respected throughout the world, is recognized with high certification standards, and is legally defensible in a court of law. Its exams are standardized, enough to create world-class instructors.

ACE believes in quality, not quantity. Therefore, it offers four fitness certifications:

  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • Advanced Health + Fitness Specialist Certification
  • Group Fitness Instructor Certification
  • Health Coach Certification

Your certification from ACE ensures your capability as a health and fitness professional. It enhances your knowledge in the best possible way and improves your skills most efficiently. ACE confirms your commitment to the industry by giving you an advantage of your clients’ belief in you.


ACE has high certification standards as its study materials and exams have been developed by leading experts in the fitness field.

NCCA Accreditation (National Commission for Certifying Agencies)

NCCA is the accreditation body of the National Organisation for Competency Assurance (NOCA) The NCCA Accreditation decides how organizations should conduct certification programs. In 2003, ACE was granted NCCA Accreditation for all its certification programs. It is clear that NCCA recognized the excellence of ACE certification and distinguished its quality from the other 300 fitness certification programs available to public. They understood the difference between qualified and unqualified fitness professionals.
It is clearly defined by The International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association (IHRCA) and Medical Fitness Association (MFA) that club owners and fitness facilities must only hire fitness professionals who have gotten certificates from agencies accredited through NCCA or other equivalent accrediting organisations. This will give you an advantage over most of the certified professionals out there as you will be seen as a valuable asset.


To renew and maintain your certification, you must earn 2.0 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every 2 years through ACE approved courses or professional activities.


How to renew?

Each ACE approved CEC equals on academic hour. You are expected to devote 20 hours to in-class time + some additional study time to earn 2,0 CECs.


ACE offers a variety of courses: distance learning course, practical and comprehensive training, exam prep and live classes taught nationwide by leading industry experts.

Pursuing certification of personal trainer would be one of the best choices you make. They train competent trainers with potential to be one of the experts in the fields. Furthermore, being an ACE certified personal trainer is very much in demand. These trainers are treated as fitness clubs’ valuable assets. You will find endless reasons to be certified with ACE, but the most important one will always be – to assure a successful career in the fitness & health industry.


The ACE Personal Trainer Certification Curriculum is consistently evaluated and updated to ensure that they keep up with the dynamic culture of fitness & health. They always stay one step ahead and create excellent trainers for the world. When you successfully complete your course of ACE Personal Trainer, you will have learned: knowledge of exercise science, nutrition, fitness assessment, exercise programming, and instructional techniques.




  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must hold current adult CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification at the time of exam. If you don’t, you will be allowed to sit in the exam but your result be held until you provide the CPR.

Important information regarding the exam and passing marks:

  • Passing Marks: 65% (Out of 150)
  • Duration of the course: 3 months (2 times a week)
  • Exam format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) through computer based testing

At BFY, we offer coaching for the ACE/PT.

We will provide:

  • Coaching over 3 months twice a week.
  • Practical and theory sessions.
  • Extra/special lectures for understanding difficult concepts.
  • Exam prep sessions.
  • Mock tests in exam formats.
  • Unlimited individual Skype sessions for: counselling, help, clarification of doubts etc. as required by the students.





Required Manuals:

  • Personal Trainer Manual 5th
  • Essential of exercise science for fitness professional manual.
  • Study companion book.


BFY Contact Information:

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  • Telephone No.: 24152695/24152697
  • Whatsapp No.: 8850907717
  • BFY Delhi Centre Mobile No.: 09910046658
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